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Smart city solutions for a riskier world, is a foresight study that provides city decision-makers with an evidence-based guide to achieving better social, environmental and economic outcomes in today’s transformed world.

The research, based on a survey of 167 city leaders from 82 countries around the world, dramatically highlights the vital role of technology, data, partnerships and citizen engagement in enabling municipalities to thrive. recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and help create a new class of cities — Cities 4.0.

The research has covered a wide range of areas, including:

  • Main challenges facing the city in achieving its social, environmental and economic goals
  • The biggest lessons learned from the global pandemic
  • The three main external disruptions cities face
  • Priorities for the next three years to improve / use the ecosystem of suppliers and partners
  • Investment priorities in the urban area
  • Maturity of cities in data analysis
  • Sentiment of citizens in the use of data and technology
  • Measures to promote citizen engagement


Below is an example of “Lessons Learned from the Smart Cities Pandemic” that is included in the report:


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