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Where can I buy ebooks?

Your choice of eBook stores will depend on how you read your books. If you are just starting to think about switching from paper books to digital books, it is worth keeping this in mind when choosing which device you want to read on.

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

If you have an Amazon Kindle, you will be limited to ebooks purchased from the Amazon store. You can also download PDF files, but this usually won’t provide a great experience.

Kobo ebook reader

Kobo is the Kindle’s main rival. If you have a Kobo, you have a few more options as you can import licensed ebooks from third-party retailers, as well as purchase ebooks directly from Kobo and borrow ebooks from your local library.

Smartphone, tablet or computer

If you mainly read books on your smartphone, tablet or computer, your options are quite wide and there are several e-book stores that will allow you to read on different devices.

Which stores sell ebooks?

There are five main places to buy eBooks in the UK, but the way you can read their content varies widely. We have summarized this below.

  • Amazon Kindle Read books on Kindle e-readers, Amazon Fire devices, Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, and the Internet on your computer at read.amazon.com.
  • Kobo Read books on Kobo e-readers, Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, and on your computer using the Windows 10 and macOS app.
  • Google Play Books Read on Android smartphones and tablets, and on your computer via play.google.com.
  • Apple Books Read on Apple smartphones, tablets and Mac computers.
  • Beehive.co.uk Read on Kobo, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and on Windows and Mac computers using Adobe Digital Editions.

What is the cheapest ebook store?

If you only browse a handful of books a year, the price of an eBook probably doesn’t have a big influence on where you buy it.

However, if you are a library enthusiast, buy hundreds of ebooks a year, even a small price difference can quickly add up.

We’ve selected the last five Costa Book Award winners of the 2010s and the last five UK bestsellers from the Guardian’s annual Top 100 ranking, to give you an idea of ​​the cost of ebooks from Amazon, Kobo and the three other main ones. e-book retailers.

Prices are correct in August 2020.

The cost of popular ebooks

* Included with Kindle Unlimited subscription

As you can see, there isn’t a huge price difference for most titles – in most cases only about a pound between stores.

The availability of titles shouldn’t be a major sticking point either, as most of our 10 books were available in all five stores.

The more knowledgeable among you may notice that the two cooking ebooks in our selection – “Pinch of Nom” and “5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food” are more expensive than the other books, and you can usually expect to pay extra for e-books of recipes. That said, cookbooks may not be ideal for easy reading on a small e-book reader, and might work better on big-screen tablets or even traditional paper.

Our Best Buy eBook Reader Reviews will help you find an ebook reader that makes reading enjoyable, whether on the go or at the beach.

How to get free ebooks

If you are a prolific reader who is rich in time but poor in money, there are a number of ways to get your hands on free ebooks, especially if you are a lover of the classics.

Free Kindle Books The Kindle Store offers over 40 published classic books for free, including “The Railway Children”, “The Great Gatsby”, “David Copperfield” and “Twelfth Night”. Beyond that, you can also find self-published works available for free from the Kindle store, although the quality of these varies.

Transfer files to your Kindle or Kobo You can also transfer books to your Kindle in Word Document, PDF, and Mobi formats, so if you have a friend who’s writing a first novel or who received a gift at an event, you can probably load the content onto your Kindle. . You can find information on how to do this at Amazon help pages. All of the above formats as well as the standard open ePub format also work on Kobo eBook readers.

Gutenberg Gutenberg Project is a repository of 60,000 works whose copyright expired before 1924, so if you’re looking for a classic book, you can find it here. They are available in formats that work on both Kindle and Kobo.

Kindle Unlimited This option is not strictly “free”, but it allows you to access “over a million” ebooks, “thousands” of audiobooks and “selected” magazines for a monthly fee of 7, £ 99 at time of writing. The selection of books included may be exactly what you are looking for, although only one of the 10 books highlighted above was available on Kindle Unlimited at the time of writing, so there is likely to be some gaps in it. the selection.

Local libraries In the UK, your local library may use an e-book borrowing service through companies such as BorrowBox or OverDrive. OverDrive is built directly into Kobo devices, and apps are available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices, as well as Amazon Fire tablets. OverDrive is available on Kindle eBook readers, but only in the United States. BorrowBox is not integrated with any e-book reader, but again offers apps for a variety of devices, including Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Whether you can access BorrowBox or OverDrive depends on the system your local library uses. You will need a valid library card to access digital book loans on either system, so you will likely need to provide proof of address when registering with them. Check your local library branch to find out what’s available.

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