US Consulate donates books worth $ 24,000 to KolaDaisi University

In its efforts to strengthen the learning structure in the Nigerian education system and the knowledge that students receive, the United States Consulate General, Lagos, donated a collection of books valued at $ 24,000 at KolaDaisi University (KDU), Ibadan.

The head of public affairs at the US Consulate in Lagos, Mr. Stephen Ibelli, who made it known on Wednesday last week as he addressed reporters during his official visit and donation of books to KDU, described the initiative as one of the best and most effective ways to help the university.

Speaking further, he noted that the movement was not driven by profit, stating “we don’t think like that, it’s none of our business. We are not interested in the outcome. All we want is to invest in people and in university education; their evolution and their future.

“The benefit for us is the participation of the investment in the students of KDU; or the ongoing learning and knowledge that students receive. This is what makes us really happy; that’s what drives us to work every day, ”said Ibelli.

Expressing his joy at what KDU is doing to make education accessible to Nigerian students, he noted that the US Consulate was impressed with what the university is doing and really wanted to help by working with the university, to where the reason the university was asked to identify a need and that need was for books.

“We thought that donating the books was the best approach to partner with KolaDaisi University. The faculties themselves identified the books they wanted. We have ordered for them and out of a total of 234 books ordered at a price of $ 24,000, we have already delivered 80% while waiting for the remaining 20%, ”added Mr. Ibelli.

“A lot of these books are very hard to get or find. So we used our diplomatic resources and our authorization to import these books into the country in a much faster manner, which would have been normal. “

Mr Ibelli assured the institution of the hope of the US Consulate of a continued partnership with the university through its Fullbright program, where Americans will come to KDU or KDU will send its academics to America to study.

Responding, University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Adeniyi Olatubosun said the move “will undoubtedly strengthen our ability to train students and graduates who will be employable upon leaving university. In addition, it will promote our research profile as well as the development of humanity. “

He praised the US Consulate in Lagos for its act of benevolence and philanthropy to KDU, while instructing agencies and those who can afford to emulate what the US Consulate does, stating “c This is how we can manage our system, equip our students and have a great future for this country.

In his remarks, the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Council, Professor Adeniyi Osuntogun (OFR) congratulated the US Consulate and appreciated Mr. Ibelli and his team for their special interest in the university, noting that “ this will bring more opportunities to the University. “

He instructed the students to handle the books with care and also to ensure that they learn from them.


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