Top 5 books on cocktails and spirits, chosen by Camper English

The how and why of advanced cocktail techniques, from cocktail clarification by centrifugation to nitro-muddling; ideal for the amateur or professional mixologist who wants to add a little sparkle to their daiquiris.

The perfect tonic by Camper English is available now (William Collins, £16.99)

4. Evidence: The Science of Alcohol by Adam Rogers

A corny narrative investigation into fermentation, distillation and how humans experience the flavor and impact of alcohol, from a Wired writer and editor.

5. Fizz: How soda shook the world by Tristan Donovan

The history of carbonation and fizzy sodas and their use in and as medicine is just as fascinating as that of the liquor it is often mixed with. In SparkleDonovan takes us from the era of supposedly wholesome Schweppes soda water to today’s saccharin and Coca-Cola cancer scares.

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