The 7 Best Finance Books for Teens in 2022

final verdict

For a complete overview of personal finance, How to Make Money: Your Ultimate Visual Guide to the Basics of Finance by Jean Chatsky and its co-authors would be hard to beat. by Steve Burkholder I want more pizza might be the best choice for teens who want (or need) to know the basics but cringe at the thought of anything resembling homework. Books on more specialized aspects of personal finance are also worth exploring, with Kalman Chany’s pay for college being a good example.

Why trust Investopedia?

Critic Greg Daugherty has covered personal finance topics for over 30 years, including stints as editor at Silver magazines and consumer reports. He is also the author or co-author of two books on personal finance for adults. Additionally, he is the proud father of two financially savvy children, now in their twenties.

Daugherty attributes his early interest in personal finance to a longtime gift from his father – a copy of Sylvia Porter’s Money Booka now out of print 1970s bestseller.

To compile our list, Daugherty and his colleagues at Investopedia combed through bookstores, online and offline, searched libraries, consulted publisher websites, and interviewed experts, including members of the Financial Review. Board of Investopedia. We based our final judgments on the authors’ credentials, the quality of advice the books had to offer, and their suitability for teens of different ages and levels of sophistication.

We have also paid particular attention to the currency of the information contained in each book. Because tax laws, financial products, and the economy as a whole can change so frequently, few books go out of date faster than those dealing with money-related topics.