The 7 best downloadable EPUB readers for your eBooks


You’ll find eBooks in many forms, but EPUB is one of the most popular. The reading experience it offers is better than a simple PDF, and you can download a lot of software compatible with this format. Some even support other eBook formats.

Some are free, others have a cost, but they each benefit ebooks and readers in their own way. Here are seven options to choose from when you absolutely need an EPUB reader.

Read an eBook on Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions works best with EPUB files, which is why it is the go-to program for this format. It is simply designed, easy to use, and completely free. The structure of ebooks and their formats is far from straightforward, so such user-friendliness is welcome.

Once installed, you can add ebooks to its library and read them on the spot. There’s even a handy bookmark button, invaluable for avid readers. You can also create separate shelves and organize your files.

Also, if you download the software using your Adobe ID, you have access to the same library from different devices with the app. Basically, this route ensures that your files are added to your digital universal account rather than just your computer.

Read and highlight an EPUB eBook on Neat Reader

The next platform to check out is Neat Reader, a system dedicated to EPUBs. First of all, the software offers a browser extension that you can use, rather than having to download it to your computer.

The app itself is sleek and user-friendly. With a free account, you can read your EPUB files with peace of mind and with a few basic tools at your fingertips, like a bookmark, highlighter and annotation functions.

A premium account starts at $ 19.99 per year and expands your user experience. You get the same cloud-based, cross-platform accessibility as Adobe Digital Editions. You also have access to many more tools and settings to get more out of your ebooks.

Bibliovore eBook Reader Dashboard

Bibliovore is one of Microsoft’s products for EPUB reading, and a reliable product. It also supports PDF files. It’s free and easy to install, so you have plenty of tools at your disposal. Not only that, but it also offers a simple and customizable interface for playing files.

You can of course add digital books from the computer. There is also the option to sync Bibliovore with OneDrive to store books there and even share the files with other devices. Keep in mind that you might need different EPUB readers for these.

This particular system automatically displays your titles with the details it can find, like genre, author, and blurb, while sorting them into convenient categories. You can edit the information in the book at any time and create your own records. All of this helps to manage your library as it grows.

Opening the eBook preview on Epubor

Epubor is easy to download and comes with a free trial, just enough of a taste to understand the ins and outs of the system. Unlocking all of its abilities costs between $ 24.99 and $ 99.99 per year. If you change your mind, you can get a full refund.

What Epubor offers is both an ebook reader and converter. As soon as you download and install it, the software detects digital files on your computer, regardless of their format. To read in EPUB, right click on the ebook and select Preview.

To convert the files, select the ones you want to edit and click the Convert to EPUB button. For a different format, the arrow next to it opens a menu with other options, including MOBI and PDF.

Freda eBook Reader Toolbars

This is Microsoft’s second e-book reading app that lets you open EPUB files, as well as MOBI, FB2, HTML, and TXT files. You have plenty of other features to play around with like different sources of free books and unlimited settings to really fine tune your user experience.

Freda’s main dashboard isn’t the most attractive. Using and navigating it can also be a bit tricky, but it’s still an interesting system, especially if you like free services with a lot to offer beyond opening EPUBs.

On that topic, just click on a title, whether it’s uploaded, uploaded, or ready and pending. The reader that opens is attractive and easy to navigate. Right clicking anywhere opens toolbars with your highlighter, bookmark, dictation, settings, etc.

Ice Cream Ebook Reader Interface

If you like being able to access all popular formats, not just EPUB, Icecream Ebook Reader is well known for its simplicity and efficiency.

The free version lets you download and play files with a few basic tools, such as adding bookmarks, highlighting, and searching for terms on Google or Wikipedia. You can also customize the interface, from its font and spacing to display mode. With the Pro package, you can also create notes, copy text, edit book details, create categories, and read full screen without limits.

Overall, Icecream Ebook Reader is not as good as other apps, but it performs well and has a lot of things to keep you happy. If you want to keep looking, there are many other universal PDF and eBook readers on the market.

Open the ebook on the EPUBReader Chrome extension

One last free and super easy option is to get the EPUBReader extension from Chrome. After installing it on your browser, you can download ebooks and open them immediately or launch files from your device.

To do this, just click on the extension to activate it and a folder icon will appear offering you to open an ebook. Choose the EPUB you want and the online reader will display it in good quality.

You also have some tools, including a bookmark and buttons to customize the font, reading style, and other elements of your ebook. That’s the breadth of its capabilities, but it’s great software if you don’t want to spend the money or too much space for your reading needs.

Enjoy but manage your screen time while reading

Some readers just prefer EPUB over other eBook formats, so the range of related software is invaluable. Whether you want the simplest and cheapest system possible or a toolbox full of options, including access to all your devices, there is a service for you.

However, it’s easy to lose track of your screen time when delving into a good ebook. Remember to take long and frequent breaks, but also consider other smart ways to balance avid reading with healthy eyes.


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