TAKE-M donates books to ECA School

Mr Tunde reiterated the importance of education while asking students to take reading seriously. He warned them not to waste precious time on social media.

“I am very happy to be with you and I am impressed by what I saw on your paintings during this surprise visit. I will encourage you to read as much as possible and anything you don’t understand, ask your teachers, ”he said.

The director and owner of the ECA school, Felix Bangura thanked TAKE-M for the goodwill gesture. He expressed his deep appreciation noting that the books will be useful to both teachers and students.

Mr Bangura explained that he founded the school on September 14, 2015 in Kerr Serign with four solid classrooms and three toilets.

“I had a verbal (gentleman’s) agreement with the landlord to occupy part of the land and pay rent for 10 years. However, after I invested, the landlord gave me notice of resignation in July 2018 and still demands payment of the rent. I pleaded for more time because I had more than 200 students and 50 in preparation for the next academic year, but he did not want to listen, ”Mr. Bangura said.

He was eventually taken to court and given two months to resign. A caring owner understood his plight and allowed him to use his land in Sukuta, he added.

“Fabakary Touray from Bakau New Town is very concerned about the education of children and has sponsored two classrooms. We had no choice but to move into the corrugated classrooms. The condition is not as good as at Kerr Serign, but the teachers and students enjoy what they are doing, ”Bangura said.

When asked why he invests in education, he said that after graduating in development studies from Njala University, he entered the field of teaching and really did. appreciated. He taught at the Janet School, Strand and Success Professional Institute, a private college.

“When I come home from school, I notice that many young people hang out and find out later that their parents cannot afford school fees. So I had to sign up and provide free uniforms for some. I was teaching at Success and I had to use part of my salary to pay the teachers because some parents were not able to pay the D500 tuition and we cannot send the children, ”he said. He underlines.

He said they have been doing this since 2015 and now some of their students are in Grades 7 and 8 and are doing wonderfully well, adding, “I visit their schools regularly to monitor the fruits of the seeds that are planted there.

Since they are still retaining Kerr Serign students, he said parents see the quality of the school and want to keep their children. As the children live in different neighborhoods, the school administration is obliged to rent suburban vans to transport the students for a symbolic amount of D200 per month.

“We appeal to all those concerned to help us improve the structure of our school,” he said.

On how teachers are recruited, Mr Bangura said his emphasis is on delivery. “I’m going to sit at the back of the class and watch the candidates show off their teaching skills. Some may bring attractive certificates but they have to prove themselves in my presence. We have seen a lot of improvements and the students only speak English, ”Mr. Bangura concluded.

Delivering the vote of thanks on behalf of management, teachers and students, Ms. Fatoumatta Sabally said: “The books will have a positive impact on the learning process of students and help improve their vocabulary and reading skills. , among others.

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