Shawn Johnson plans to publish audio poetry e-books to inspire others

TRENTON, NJ, November 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Inspired Poet, Shawn Jonson33 years old, who is currently incarcerated in New Jersey State Prison of Trenton, New Jerseyis a rough diamond incarcerated for October 24 2006, when he was then 19 years old.

When asked what kept him motivated during his last 14 years in prison, Shawn said, “I know God has an ultimate plan for my life. I know I have many talents and gifts that will be useful to the world when the occasion arises.

“I write a lot of inspirational and love poems which I post on social media (Instagram:@shawjohn1222) as well as 30 second videos. From the comments people sometimes leave, it motivates me to write.

“I even wrote poems based on songs like ‘Perfect’, ‘Palace’, ‘The Climb’, ‘All Of Me’, ‘You & I’, ‘Hello’, ‘Speechless’, ‘Long Distance’ , ‘Always Be My Baby’, ‘Save My Bros’, ‘The Valley’ and many more. I wrote some current events like ‘Tribute’ for George Floyd‘Together we are one world‘ for the pandemic, ‘RIP Kobe Tribute’ and others.

“I write many of my love poems based on personal experiences with women I dated before prison and some women I met since I was in prison. Also, I plan to publish soon an audio poetry e-book and I will donate 10% of the sale price to three different charities.

“Also, I still aspire to play professional basketball once I’m free. I keep myself in shape and watch as much basketball as I can in my own way by studying film. A few years ago, I had writing NBA teams and I got feedback from two teams which were the 76ers and the Knicks I definitely have the talent to play at the highest level and when I get the chance to show my talents it will be.

“As I mentioned, so many of us in prison have talents and gifts, we just need to be found and given a chance.”

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