Record year for Bonnier Books

Bonnier Books has announced a record sales year in 2021, according to Swedish parent company Bonnier Group, report it Bookseller.

Sales of Bonnier Books in 2021 totaled SEK 6.9 billion (A$1.04 billion), compared to SEK 6.1 billion (A$920 million) in 2020. This was due to the “strong growth publishing and performance of audiobook and e-book streaming service BookBeat. Bonnier Books had its most profitable year ever, recording EBITA (earnings before interest, tax and amortization) of SEK 573 million (A$86 million), compared to SEK 392 million (A$58.9 million). ), despite “significant continued investment in BookBeat and bookstore losses”.

Bonnier Books also reported a “strong rise” in physical book sales, particularly in children’s titles. “The success of children’s books was most evident in Germany and was a major reason for the German publishing group’s record results this year, as it achieved its highest ever sales and profits for the second year in a row,” said Bonnier. noted.

Bonnier Books UK recorded a strong performance in terms of sales and profits “in a market where more books were being sold and at a higher price than in the past 10 years”, Bonnier said.

BookBeat sales have grown from SEK508m (£40.2m) last year to SEK690m (£54.6m) in 2021, driven by a 38% growth in numbers users due to its expansion into Norway, Switzerland and Austria. Sales of the Swedish online bookstore Adlibris also increased by 3%.

For the Bonnier Group as a whole, EBITA increased by SEK 500 million (AUD 75.5 million).

Bonnier did not disclose the results for Australian local publishing arm Echo.

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