PHOTO: Shutterstock When it comes to advancing your content marketing strategy, you’ll find that white papers and eBooks are typically the “next higher level” of blog posts. EBooks and white papers share some similarities, the most obvious being that they are usually much longer than your average blog post. ButRead More →

Living in what is essentially a tiny house on wheels, I love e-books and e-book readers. They allow me to maintain a full and growing library without the space and weight savings that having shelves full of dead tree editions entails. I own over 2,000 e-books. I review e-book readersRead More →

Scribd’s The $ 8.99 / month subscription service started with e-books only. Over time, it spread to audiobooks, sheet music, documents, magazines and, as of Tuesday, newspapers. “Selected articles” from the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian, as well as some archival material from the FinancialRead More →

Inside Isis Inc © FT March 8, 2016 The FT’s compelling investigation into how the self-proclaimed caliphate finances its war machine Apple United Kingdom Apple United States Amazon United Kingdom Amazon United States Kobo How the euro was saved © FT November 5, 2014 A gripping chronicle of how theRead More →

It was a script publishers would have had to fight to print. A 36-page lawsuit from the US Department of Justice this week told a conspiracy story, concocted by top industry executives over dinner at expensive New York restaurants such as Picholine and Alto. Government lawyers told a compelling storyRead More →