Old Amazon Kindles Lose Access to New Ebooks, But You Can Work Around It

Amazon has confirmed that owners of certain older Kindle e-book readers will no longer be able to directly search, buy or borrow books.

Amazon’s Kindle is one of the UK’s biggest names in e-book readers and it’s the first time Amazon has completely cut off store access on a chain of e-book readers Kindle. The change was introduced on August 17, 2022, and affects some Kindles that are over 10 years old.

Keep reading to find out which Kindles are affected, when your new Kindle coupon runs out, and what you can do to make sure you can still read ebooks on your old Kindle.

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Is your Amazon Kindle impacted by the change?

All Kindle users should have received an email confirming the change in May 2022. If you missed that email, take a look at the models listed below.

Amazon has confirmed that the affected models are:

  • Kindle (2nd Generation) International
  • Kindle DX Australia
  • Kindle Keyboard
  • Kindle (4th Generation)
  • Kindle (5th Generation)

If you don’t know which Kindle you have, you can visit Identify your Kindle e-reader for more information.

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What does this mean for me and my Kindle?

If you own any of the models mentioned above, you will already have lost access to the store on August 17, 2022.

Although Amazon did not explain why this decision was made, it assured us that affected customers will still be able to use their Kindle ebook readers to access and read ebooks in their existing library and browse, buy and borrow books. books on other supported devices or via amazon.co.uk/ebooks.

This means you can still download and pay for new books from the website using a PC or other compatible device, then send them to your old Kindle.

Amazon has also confirmed that eligible UK customers will have received an email direct from Amazon with a promotional offer to save 30% on a new Kindle and £25 in Kindle eBook credits. This offer is only available to eligible eligible customers and is valid until September 14, 2022 at 09:00 (GMT).

Looking for a new Kindle?

If not being able to access the store directly from your Kindle means you absolutely want a new model, there are currently six Amazon Kindle models available in the UK. They all vary in price and features, such as screen size, storage, and resolution.

Higher-end models also include advanced features, such as waterproofing and a screen light that adapts its brightness and color to your environment. And, in the case of Kindle Oasis, auto-rotate page orientation.

All models currently available are:

  • Kindle 2019 (10th Gen) – £69
  • Kindle Kids – €99.99
  • Kinde Paperwhite – from £129.99
  • Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition – from £179.99
  • Kindle Paperwhite Kids – from £139.99
  • Kindle Oasis – from £229.99

Kindle 2019 (10th Generation)

At £69, the flagship Kindle is the cheapest Amazon e-book reader on the market. It’s more expensive than the previous-gen 2016 model, but now has audiobook support and a built-in screen light. That puts it almost on par with the Kindle Paperwhite.

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Kobo e-book readers

If you want to explore all the options when it comes to choosing a new ebook reader, Kobo models might already be on your radar.

With features like physical page-turning buttons, a waterproof look, and OverDrive — which lets you borrow eBooks from public libraries and read them on your Kobo eBook reader — it’s a worthy contender. from the Amazon Kindle.

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