Must read eBooks for Forex trading in 2021


They say a little knowledge can go a long way, and by that reasoning a lot of knowledge can only be an advantage. When it comes to your financial aspirations, it’s essential to be as up to date as possible. The world of forex trading not only opens you up to many markets with the possibility of financial gains, it also opens you up to new knowledge. On top of that, Forex trading, if you want to be successful, requires that you constantly learn; learn about the latest global economies, world events and political news – three of the most important contributors to market movements and fluctuations. Many online brokerage firms also offer up-to-date Forex guides online. However, there is a lot to be said for the printed word, or the digital word if you will, and with that in mind, now let’s take a look at some essential ebooks to read for forex trading in 2021.

Day Trading & Swing Trading in the Forex Market by Kathy Lien

Kathy Lien’s resume is very impressive: a regular guest on CNBC, Reuters and Bloomberg, Managing Director of BK Asset Management and world-renowned currency analyst. Kathy offers her readers even more business knowledge in the third edition of her best-selling ebook. Combined with theoretical and practical applications, Kathy provides readers with useful rudimentary and technical skills in forex trading that can generate continued returns. Factors affecting currency pairs, forex fundamentals, technical analysis, and a host of other useful trading information are all covered.

Currency Trading For Dummies By Brian Dolan

The For Dummies line of books has certainly made a name for itself as a must-have brand for beginners. Currency trading for Dummies doesn’t disappoint and offers the kind of trading knowledge suitable for novices and seasoned players alike. Clear and concise, Brian Dolan, a former chief currency strategist, with Kathleen Brooks, Director of Research at, deliver a complex information manual published since 2011.

How to Make a Living Trading Forex by Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith introduces future traders to the intricacies of the market and how it works. The majority of this 2010 publication is devoted to the art of making money and this is achieved through a planned six part strategy. The author also offers recognized risk management techniques as well as effective information on the psychology of trading. The author’s “reject rule” is included in all useful literature, which involves a strategy designed to exploit the basic channel allocation system – the desired result being to double your profit.

Japanese candlestick mapping techniques by Steve Nison

The success of this book has led to two sequelae: Beyond Candlesticks: New Japanese Charting Techniques Revealed and Strategies for Profiting from Japanese Candlestick Charts. Nison Japanese candlestick mapping techniques is hailed for the introduction of a versatile tool into the trader’s arsenal – the technical analysis tool – which now enjoys widespread use. In this book, the author explores and extrapolates candlestick charting and its applications in the world of trading, including its use for hedging, stocks, speculation, and futures.

Forex Trading: The Basics Explained In Simple Terms By Jim Brown

Written by a self-taught forex trader, this beginner’s guide is known for its concise writing and non-patronizing tone. Brown covers a multitude of topics which include, but not limited to, the psychology of trading, entry and exit strategies, the ins and outs of currency pairs, and tips for selecting a broker.


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