Kindle Unlimited FREE for two months! Access over a million eBooks

Amazon Kindle owners can now access a library of over one million eBooks for free. The online retail giant is offering year-round 30-day free trials for a range of popular services including Amazon Prime, Music Unlimited and Kindle Unlimited. But during special promotional events, these free trials are available even longer, and that’s the case with Kindle Unlimited right now – because eReader fans can enjoy two months access to the service without spending a single penny.

As the name suggests, Kindle Unlimited offers unlimited access to a huge library of eBooks, as well as magazine and audiobook subscriptions.

And one of the best things about Kindle Unlimited – and the Kindle Library in general – is that you don’t need to have an Amazon reader to take advantage of the service.

Kindle Unlimited – as well as Kindle eBooks – are of course accessible on a Kindle e-reader and a Kindle Fire tablet, but are also available on smartphones, tablets as well as PCs and Macs via the Kindle application.

So even if you don’t have a Kindle e-reader, you can still enjoy the massive amount of eBooks available in the Kindle Unlimited library, along with the free trial running.

The deal, which offers a saving of £15.98, is running until June 24 – so if you want access to Kindle Unlimited completely free, make sure you sign up before then.

If you’re considering picking up the latest freebie from Amazon, there are a few important things we should point out.

First, once your free trial ends, auto-renewal will kick in and you’ll be charged £7.99 per month for Kindle Unlimited service thereafter. So if you don’t want to pay anything after your free trial ends, be sure to cancel first.

The Kindle Unlimited free trial is also limited to one per customer.

And if you’re already a Kindle Unlimited subscriber or already on a free trial, you won’t be able to redeem the offer. Anyone who has signed up for a Kindle Unlimited promotion or free trial within the last 12 months will also not be able to sign up.

Additionally, Amazon Prime customers who sign up for Kindle Unlimited can come across a number of titles they are familiar with.

Indeed, there is a crossover between the Prime Reading library – which is one of the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership – as well as the e-books available with Kindle Unlimited.

But if you’re already an Amazon Prime user and that puts you off, there’s no need to avoid Kindle Unlimited. Prime Reading has a much smaller eBook library, with over 1,000 books, magazines, and comics included on the service, compared to the over 1 million eBooks available with Kindle Unlimited.

And, as the name suggests, with Kindle Unlimited you’ll get unlimited access, while with Prime Reading there’s a limit to the number of books you can borrow at any one time.