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Amazon Kindle displays a huge library of ebooks from Amazon’s ecosystem, but some of the ebooks we have are in external file formats, such as PDF and EPUB.

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A Kindle e-book reader is pictured at the Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, October 15, 2015.

However, according to an online story from PCMag, e-ink Kindles, along with the Oasis and Paperwhite, require its users to obtain their e-books directly from Amazon.

But there is a way to still access your EPUBs and PDFs, you just have to use third-party software to do it.

How to Read EPUB eBooks on Kindle

According to a report from Digital Trends, third-party software Caliber is a way to convert your EPUB ebooks to MOBI, which is Amazon’s supported file format.

It should be noted that although EPUBs are one of the most common e-book formats, Amazon has decided not to support it anyway. So, you have no choice but to turn your EPUB ebook into MOBI from Amazon to read it on a Kindle.

The first thing you will need to do is download the Caliber app from its website. Choose from the choices the operating system you are using, PC, macOS or Linux.

After which, select the “Add books” option in Caliber to upload your EPUB.

Next, select the EPUB ebook you wish to convert to MOBI by selecting the “Convert Books” button.

Make sure to select the “Output Format” for MOBI.

  • Transfer MOBI eBook to Kindle

Finally, plug your Kindle into your computer to paste the MOBI file to your Amazon e-book reader.

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How to Read a PDF on Amazon Kindle

On the other hand, reading PDF files on a Kindle is also possible, but it can be done after strictly following the steps below.

How to Read eBooks in EPUB, PDF Using Amazon Kindle (Step by Step Guide) |  #TechTimesLifeHack

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View of a Kindle reader — which will be sold for 299 Reais ($150) for the Brazilian market — in Sao Paulo, Brazil on March 15, 2013.

Just like EPUBs, Amazon has not yet supported PDF formats on Kindles, but there is an option where it would be automatically converted to MOBI format.

This time around, you won’t need any free third-party software, which also removes the need to plug your Kindle into your computer.

However, you will need to access your Kindle email address.

How to Know Your Kindle Email Address

  • Open a web browser and navigate to
  • Then go to “account”.
  • Select “Your devices and content.
  • After which, go to “Manage Devices”.
  • Click on your Kindle device.
  • From there, you’ll see your Kindle email address.

Now send the PDF ebook you want to convert to your Kindle email address with a subject line that says nothing but “convert”.

It should automatically convert to MOBI once you access it on your Kindle.

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