GTL Inspire® Inmate Tablet Now Offers eBook Subscription

RESTON, Go., April 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — GTL, a leader in innovating corrections technology and government payment service solutions, today announced that it now offers e-book subscription options through Inspire® owned tablet. The Inspire eBooks app allows inmates to browse an extensive library of reading material in categories such as fiction, non-fiction, classics, educational, professional training, self-help, and more. Inmates can subscribe to the Inspire eBooks service – similar to GTL’s other Inspire subscription services such as Music Streaming and Game Center.

“There are many benefits for a facility that provides e-book services alongside existing library and education services, said Brian Peters, executive director of inmate apps and hardware at GTL. “This latest Inspire offering is designed from the ground up for the correctional environment to provide a safe, affordable and efficient method of delivering literature to every inmate. The facilities also increase security by eliminating hard copies of books as an alternate method. delivery of contraband and the need to escort inmates to the prison and to prison libraries.”

With e-books, inmates benefit from a vastly expanded world of literary options that allows them to improve their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills, and develop their creativity and self-image, which increases the probability of employment upon reintegration. This expansive e-reading catalog offered through the Inspire eBooks app accommodates all skill levels and reading preferences within a prison population. “We are seeing a shift in the corrections industry towards e-reading technology for educational purposes, especially as studies have shown that education is a way to reduce recidivism rates,” added Brian Peters.

Inspire’s latest subscription app, eBooks, gives inmates a digital e-reading experience with the ability to search and select from a library of over 40,000 books of their choice, save books to their “shelf” using a custom bookmark feature to save a page and pick up where they left off. Learn more about the GTL Inspire® inmate tablet offers or for a product demonstration, contact GTL today.

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