Government Offers Free Ebooks: Read Online To Kill Lockdown Boredom

During the lockdown, most of us are stuck at home and rely on streaming services and mobile games to pass the time. However, the Union Department of Human Resource Development (MHRD) gives the option to use the lockout period for reading.

The National Digital Library of India (NDLI) sponsored by MHRD and coordinated by Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur is freely accessible where users can find over 64 lakh books written by 15 lakh authors in 250 languages. The digital version of books and magazines can be read using any digital device at

The National Digital Library offers free books and lectures. (Image: NDLI)

Besides books, NDLI website also hosts over 6 lakh theses from researchers from different Indian institutes, over 4000 audio lectures, over 3 lakh video lectures, legal judgments, etc.

ndli, free books online, free question papaer, free card stock solution, ndli books online, iit kharagpur, mhrd Here’s how to read books and download videos. (Image: NDLI)

Students sitting at home and doing nothing can also take advantage of these NDLI services not only to access books, but also to query articles, solutions and online courses.

How to use the NDLI website

The NDLI website itself mentions that all website resources are accessible without logging in, but for the best experience, users are advised to log in first.

ndli, free books online, free question papaer, free card stock solution, ndli books online, iit kharagpur, mhrd You can apply filters to easily search for books.

At the top of the website, a Hamburger icon allows you to browse NDLI website content by type, subject, source, and learning resource. Apart from that, the search bar allows you to directly search for any book, author or topic of study.

If you access the NDLI website on a computer, you will see an additional window where you can scroll through the “Type of learning resources” to select books, thesis, article, manuscript, audio conference, a video conference, a questionnaire, a solution, an online course. , legal judgment and more.

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There is another “Subject” window that allows you to find content based on the subject, including language, literature, history, geography, social science, technology, arts, philosophy, and more.

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Once you click on a topic or book, you will see a long list of articles. You can apply filters at your convenience. Video lectures are meant to be downloaded first, and you can read books and other forms of text right on the website.

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