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A recent study found that Gen Xers (42-57) are the generation least likely to know when they want to retire and how much money they’ll need to do so. The typical Gen X household has about $64,000 in retirement savings, not nothing, but not enough to generate much income. He also found that 20% of Gen X respondents overestimate how much they can withdraw from their retirement funds. They thought they should withdraw 10-15% of their savings each year after retirement. In reality, they shouldn’t withdraw more than 4-5%. But even those who have not yet reached retirement age are already drawing on their savings due to their current financial situation and debts.

Most people worry about the impact of debt on their retirement funds and 31% of Americans feel inflation has set back their retirement plans.

Generation X and debt

Generation X has more debt than any other generation, which averages out at $136,869. In 2016, that average debt was $124,972, according to a LendingTree report that analyzed more than 140,000 credit reports for the four oldest generations. It’s no wonder, then, that the typical Xer is usually quite stressed about their finances, especially when it comes to credit card debt.

More than half of Xer respondents said they were stressed “some” or “a lot” of the time when it came to any type of debt, whether it was credit cards, personal loans or student loans. Stress has given some members of the generation a negative view of their finances. When asked how they would rate their financial health, just over 41% of Gen Xers said it was not very good or not good at all.

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