Free e-books online

What’s on your summer reading list? is the largest online library with millions of books available for free download. It is part of the Internet Archive, creators of the Wayback Machine, which crawls and indexes billions of web pages. The non-profit organization offers thousands of titles, from classics like Machiavelli’s “The Prince” to Dr. Seuss for children to Clive Cussler’s thrillers. You can even find old textbooks if you’re in the mood to brush up on your math, English, and geography skills. Additionally, Open Library attempts the seemingly impossible feat of cataloging every book ever written. The website lists information about the book, author, and relevant links. Found a mistake in the entry for your favorite book? You can edit errors and add information. All you need to do is create an account using your name and email address.

How to get free e-books

Open Library works on almost all gadgets. E-books are in PDF and ePub formats. You can read them on computer, web browser, mobile gadgets and e-readers. Kindle users can convert ePub files for Kindles using a program like Calibre. Related: Get Dozens of eBooks on Your Kindle. Keep in mind that most eBooks can only be borrowed for 14 days at a time. After that, borrowed books disappear from your eReader. This saves you from racking up late fees like a conventional library book, but it means you can’t take a month off to read the book.

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