Elden Ring Books Of Knowledge: How To Pre-Order

Successful games often tend to have official guides written with input from the developers themselves. Elden Ring is no different in this regard. People who might have walked away from Elden Ring at launch for its unorthodox design now have a solution to that problem. FromSoftwarecollaborated again with future press publish a final version Ring of Elden guide called knowledge books, and in today’s guide we will cover all the information about these guides.

Elden Ring is Fromsoftware’s newest and most ambitious game to date, featuring a massive open world filled with monstrosities, dazzling landscapes, and beautifully structured castles and forts. Elden Ring has the most fleshed out character build system, now allowing you to experience various builds such as Mage Builds, Intelligence Builds, Frenzy Build and Samurai Builds in Elden Ring which are both deep and fun to use .

Also, traversing the hostile environments of The Lands Between is not an easy task, and equipping yourself with the best weapons in Elden Ring like Godslayer’s Greatsword, Moonveil, or Rivers of Blood is recommended.

Elden Ring also brings back the transpose mechanic from Dark Souls 3, which basically lets you use boss souls to get their weapons, so check out our guide to the best remembrance weapons for that. Additionally, you can also duplicate Boss Souls and dual-wield Remembrance Weapons, so check out our guide on the 13 Best Remembrance Weapons to Duplicate as well.

What are Knowledge Books in Elden Ring?

Cover Arts of Elden Ring Books of Knowledge Guides

If you are a big fan of Fromsoftware games and have been following their releases for years, know that FromSoftware has collaborated with various publishers in the past, mainly Future Press, to publish their official guides.

FromSoftware games are known for their stunning and unique world design. One that doesn’t hold your hand from objective to objective, rather than encouraging players to explore at their own pace. Before reading, why not browse our guide to the locations of Comet Azur, Ghiza’s Wheel and Hook Claws in Elden Ring.

Obviously, while this design is highly praised by critics and fans, there are also masses who have shunned these games for the same reason. In order not to protect these games from other players, FromSoftware is working on these guides, which help casual players better understand their worlds, lore, and quest design.

These books are meant to serve as the definitive reference guide for new players just beginning their adventure for the first time or veterans who want to explore every nook and cranny of The Lands Between.

On June 10, 2022, Future Press officially announced their Elden Ring Guides project. The guides will be published in two volumes and are officially named Knowledge Books. Each volume has its own unique features covering different aspects of Elden Ring, ranging from lore and world to combat and quests.

So without further ado, let’s discuss the aspects that each of these volumes will cover.

Elden Ring Books of Knowledge, Volume I

The lands between
Lunar Princess Ranni is featured as the cover of Volume I of Books of Knowledge.

The first volume of the Elden Ring Knowledge Books is titled “The Lands Between”, featuring Princess Ranni on the cover. Volume I contains everything you need to know about the Elden Ring Overworld, Dungeons, and the Underworld.

Moreover, it contains a complete record of all game areas and NPCs, which are presented in the form of more than 100 beautifully detailed maps and texts.

Understanding Elden Ring Gameplay

As you know, Elden Ring not only borrows its gameplay elements from previous games, but also introduces many new gameplay elements, the most important being traversal and exploration of the open world. While you’re at it, consider reading our guide to the best Dex and Force weapons in Elden Rings.

The Volume I Knowledge Books contain in-depth knowledge of the gameplay elements and mechanics of Elden Ring. All the essential elements to know to cross The Lands Between are mentioned there.

The disposition of land between

Volume I of the Books of Knowledge is neatly divided into chapters. These chapters are divided in such a way that they only reveal parts of the map one location at a time, slowly revealing the true scale of Elden Ring. While discussing maps, why not check out our guide to Elden Ring Map Fragment locations.

In addition, it also contains all the information about the various caves, labyrinths and other hidden areas of Elden Ring thanks to ultra-detailed mapping. Details on progress towards several game endings are also available in this volume.

NPC Guide

The NPC Guide to Knowledge Books Volume I also highlights the various NPCs that inhabit Lands Between. Their quest progress, as well as the various quest outcomes, are clearly traced.

In addition, all essential NPC dialogues are also printed in the guide. So you don’t have to worry about missing important clues in case you accidentally skip important dialogue. Speaking of NPCs, why not check out our guides on Alexander, Patches, and Fia questlines in Elden Ring.

Organized as a reference

Books of Knowledge are designed to tell the vast world of Elden Ring while containing authentic information verified by the developers of FromSoftware. The books of knowledge are written in such a way that they will not only prove useful to newcomers, but also provide insight even to those who have already completed the game several times.

Additionally, Volume I also has a lore section that can help you piece together the mystifying storyline of Elden Ring. While you’re at it, consider reading our guides to the best swords and shields in Elden Rings.

Elden Ring – Books of Knowledge, Volume II

Shattereing Shards
Queen Marika is featured as the cover of Volume II of Books of Knowledge.

The second volume of the Elden Ring Book of Knowledge is known as “Shards of Shattering”, with Queen Marika “The Eternal” on the main cover. Volume II is devoted to the bestiary, combat, armor, weapons of Elden Ring and the means to acquire and use them.

Moreover, it also contains the necessary information about all the bosses of Elden Ring, presented in the form of beautiful illustrations and very detailed statistics. Speaking of bosses, consider reading our Elden Ring Bosses tier list.

battle system

Right off the bat, the first thing Books of Knowledge Volume II will explain is how combat works. Various aspects of the Elden Ring fight are laid bare in the first chapter of Volume II of Books of Knowledge.

He’ll teach you all about his different classes, as well as how to excel in each playstyle. While you’re at it, be sure to read our guide to the best colossal and bleeding weapons in Elden Ring. .


If you’ve played Elden Ring, one thing you’ll be aware of is the game’s overwhelming variety of enemies. Most of them are unique enemies with different movesets and designs.

Naturally, the Definitive Guide has chapters dedicated to analyzing and dissecting the various monstrosities that roam The Lands Between. Additionally, combat strategies on how to defeat these enemies, ranging from low mobs to shard wielding, are also explicitly detailed in the guide.

Armor & Weapons

Elden Ring is known for its incredible fashion sense and wide variety of weapons. All weapons, spells, armor, and Ashes of War in Elden Ring are cataloged in a simple reference format detailing their full stats and upgrade levels. Speaking of armor, be sure to check out our guide to the 20 Best Elden Ring Armor Sets in Elden Ring.

Designed as a package

As mentioned above in the Volume I section, the purpose of this book is to serve as a definitive guide for new and old players. Designed and written in such a way that it is not only easy to pick up and read, but also contains contributions from the developers at FromSoftware.

Reading Volume II will give you insight into all sorts of Elden Ring weapons, enemies, armor, and more. That said, Volume II also includes an exclusive interview with FromSoftware President and Elden Ring Director Hidetaka Miyazaki.

How to Pre-Order Elden Ring Knowledge Books

Pre-order details
Volumes I and II pre-order announcement image by Future press

Naturally, if the details of these books have interested you, you’ll want to know their release dates, pre-order details, and prices. Before you read any further, why not check out our guide to Elden Ring Arcane Build and learn more about the best katanas that go with the build.

The Official Elden Ring Strategy Guide is available to pre-order for $49.99 / £39.99. You can pre-order them from the official Bandai Namco store and via Amazon.

The first volume is scheduled for July 29, 2022. Meanwhile, the second volume of Books of Knowledge is scheduled for September 29, 2022.

Publisher Future Press also advised fans to pre-order their copies early instead of waiting for its release. A statement was released by Future Press which said that “Due to ongoing global manufacturing and logistical difficulties, we encourage everyone to pre-order their copy early to avoid disappointment later.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Future Press guides also have massive resale value. So pre-ordering these guides can also be a worthwhile investment.

Manufacturing quality

According to Future Press, Elden Ring Official Strategy Guides are made from the finest quality papers with highly refined processes used for binding. These volumes come with a large double-sided world map poster and ribbon bookmark, so you won’t lose track of where you left off.

The rest of the information regarding pages, dimensions and ISBNs for both volumes is listed below

Volume I – The Lands Between

pages 512
Format 11 × 8.5 inch / 28 × 22cm
Release date July 29, 2022
Price $49.99, £39.99, €44.99
ISBN and language editions:
9783869931142 (English edition)
9783869931166 (French edition)
9783869931159 (German edition)
9783869931173 (Spanish edition)

Volume II – Shards of Shattering

pages 512
Format 11 × 8.5 inch / 28 × 22cm
Release date September 29, 2022
Price $49.99, £39.99, €44.99
ISBN and language editions:
9783869931142 (English edition)
9783869931166 (French edition)
9783869931159 (German edition)
9783869931173 (Spanish edition)

This concludes our guide to the Elden Ring Knowledge Books. Let us know what you think of our guide in the comments below.

Elden Ring is currently available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Microsoft Windows.

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