Continental Finish Line for ELLs 2.0 interactive eBooks now feature enhancements for better user experience

“Continental is committed to providing cutting-edge technology to help teachers and students succeed,” said Eric Beck, continental president. “Students, especially ELLs, are often apprehensive about taking the test because they don’t know what to expect on test day, including the format and types of questions they will be asked. Our eBooks provide ELLs with an authentic testing experience, so when test day arrives, they’re prepared and ready to show off what they know. “

Finish line for ELL 2.0 interactive e-books are now compatible with Clever, a widely used management platform for schools. Clever allows schools to consolidate all of their digital resources in a secure portal, with single sign-on for all users in the district. Other enhancements to the eBook include improved audio features, faster load times, and compatibility across all devices, including the iPad using the app.

Language courses in e-books provide opportunities for listening, reading, writing and speaking. The online response includes short and long multiple-choice writing tasks, and an oral response with built-in recording to mimic the oral portion of the test.

Finish line for ELL 2.0 Interactive eBooks also make teaching easier, with instant scoring for multiple-choice items, teacher management tools for grading oral and written-response questions, and reports to track student data and identify needs. in education.

EBooks are an online version of the popular Finish line for ELL 2.0 printed books.

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Continental is a leading educational publisher, providing K-12 schools and educators with additional material that improves student achievement in core school programs and inspires successful lifelong learning. Founded in 1937, Continental has expanded its offering to include the areas of reading and language arts, math, social science and science, state test preparation and standards support, and learning english. For more information, visit

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