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Comics as investments

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) — To the untrained eye, an “Avengers” comic book doesn’t look like the tens of thousands of comic books in “Comic Kingdom” in Reno.

The only difference, the “Avengers” comic is worth $5,000. Most comics in stores are $1.99. For comic book pundits, there are other distinctions. For one thing, it’s the first “Avengers” comic book ever made.

And he has other attributes.

“Right. The most valuable are those of the superheroes,” says Megan Laux, owner of Comic Kingdom. The “Avengers” comic is also in good condition, and that too makes a difference.

Megan says investing in comics isn’t for the casual investor. Two years ago, she says, customers affected by COVID were looking for a few extra dollars brought in comics to see what they were worth. Now, she says, there are those looking to find the “holy grail” of comic books – something that will appreciate – greatly.

And it can be done. But the investor should know what to look for. Just because it’s old doesn’t necessarily mean it’s valuable. Condition is a plus and a superhero is a plus.

Then there are the contradictions.

“Superman though, old Supermans, those will never go down in value,” Laux says. Timing, she says, is everything.

If a superhero or character makes a movie or a series and is at the top of everyone’s mind, the comic might be worth something. But when does that interest fade and comics become less valuable? There is no way to predict.

That’s why she and her husband adopt the following attitude: read and enjoy comics and enjoy the serial adventure.

Ask Megan what her average clientele is, she’ll tell you they’re men between 20 and 70 years old.

Think of it this way, she says, it’s like a soap opera in comic book form.

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