Canadian authors can now submit their eBooks to Barnes and Noble


Barnes and Noble Nook Press is a self-publishing system that allows authors to include their eBooks in the Nook Bookstore and Today, Canadian authors can now submit their eBooks directly to the platform. This is the first time the bookseller has allowed writers from outside the United States in their walled garden.

While Canadians can sell their ebooks directly on Barnes and Noble and have access to a dashboard that tracks their sales, Canadians cannot actually buy ebooks or download free ones. Barnes and Noble does not allow anyone outside of the United States to purchase its e-readers, tablets, e-books, or printed books.

If you are a Canadian writer and want to submit your ebook or create one online, you need to create a Nook Press account and submit all of your personal and financial information. Once your account is validated, you can simply download an existing book and it will live in a day or two. If you’ve never written a book, Nook Press has an online generator that helps you format, select cover, and generate a table of contents. There are a bunch of video tutorials that walk you through it all, and if you have any questions there are normally people from B&N around to help you out.

In the United States, Barnes and Noble is the second-largest self-publishing platform after Amazon. Authors can normally generate more income per sale if they create their own account and submit directly. Some people want ease of use and go through a company like Draft2digital or Smashwords, but it’s not the best thing to do for a number of reasons. I encourage all Canadian independent authors and small publishing houses to seriously consider B&N Nook Press. All sales are in USD so the conversion can really add up.