BorrowBox allows users to rent eBooks and audiobooks for free

With another nationwide lockdown underway, many will be wondering, once again, how they can fill the time.

Some parents will also wonder how they can keep their children occupied at home while still educating them.

Reading is something we can all do to keep busy, educated, and entertained during the lockdown – and one company is helping us do it for free.

Borrow Box is a business promoting reading at home or on the go to users who can borrow eBooks and audiobooks.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that you can download books on a regular Kindle, the most popular way to read eBooks. Instead, you should use an app that is compatible with Apple, Android, Kindle Fire, and other tablets.

BorrowBox allows users to borrow thousands of eBooks and audiobooks online for free

Originally founded in Australia, BorrowBox now has offices in Berkshire and has been providing books and audiobooks to libraries since the 1980s.

It’s currently available across the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, but BorrowBox also has a presence in countries further afield, such as the Netherlands, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Richard Osman’s number one bestseller “The Thursday Murder Club” is the most popular title at the moment.

How it works?

Those interested should register at their local library if they haven’t already. Most are part of the diet.

Libraries use BorrowBox as an extension of their physical library. They contact BorrowBox and it provides the digital platform BorrowBox.

Libraries can then select whatever content they want in their collection for users to check out.

After registering, borrowers will receive an ID at BorrowBox using their normal library member number and PIN.

Richard Osman's first novel,

Richard Osman’s debut novel “The Thursday Murder Club” is one of the most read on the app

On the BorrowBox app, users can browse their library of authors, titles, newsletters, interviews, and author profiles.

It’s available anytime, anywhere, meaning you can read at home or, if you’re an essential worker, on the go.

Libraries set limits on their borrowers, most allowing borrowers the same “loans” as physical print titles – typically about six eBooks and six audiobooks at a time.

The app is available on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets as well as Amazon Kindle Fire devices.

Unfortunately, if your library has not signed up for BorrowBox, you will not be able to enjoy the app.

However, the majority of libraries now offer this service with BorrowBox as it is the exclusive national digital solution for all libraries in Ireland and Wales.

One of the reasons many have signed up is because it allows libraries to be “always open” to some extent during the lockdown period.

BorrowBox said the service has been even busier during times of lockdown as people turn to technology for help.

How else can you read online for free?

Amazon Prime customers also have access to its Reading section where you can choose from thousands of books, magazines, and comics to read for free.

Those who don’t have a Kindle can download the free Kindle app, which means you can read on any device, like your smartphone or tablet.

It is also possible for those who have purchased Kindle books to lend them to family members and friends.

Qualifying Kindle books can be shared for up to 14 days. Those who want to share can log into Amazon, locate the title they want to loan, click Actions and “loan this title” and email it.

During the loan period, you cannot read the loaned book, but any loan not accepted within seven days becomes available again in your content library.

Subscriptions are more and more expensive

Having access to a free app like BorrowBox can be even more beneficial as the price of several streaming services is expected to increase this year.

From February, Netflix is ​​increasing the price of its standard package, which allows users to watch on two screens and in high definition, from £ 8.99 per month to £ 9.99 per month – an increase of £ 12 per year .

Meanwhile, the premium package, where users can watch on four screens and offers 4K and HD content, will drop from £ 11.99 per month to £ 13.99 per month – a jump of £ 24 per year.

However, those on its basic plan, which means users can only watch on one screen, will remain at £ 5.99 per month.

Disney Plus, one of the newer streaming sites, will also increase its costs from £ 5.99 to £ 7.99 per month for new customers on February 23.

The annual cost will also drop from £ 59.99 to £ 79.90, an increase of £ 20.

However, existing customers will continue to pay £ 5.99 per month until August 23.

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