Black Women’s Books on Finance (2)


While relevant to all women, these books were written with other black women in mind. To expand your library of personal financial resources, consider these finance books written by black women to help you manage all aspects of your finances.

  1. Real Money Answers For Every Woman: How To Win The Gambling With Or Without A Man By Patrice Washington
    Drawing on his own experience, America’s Money Maven, Patrice Washington, offers practical tips for managing your money responsibly in his book Real Money Answers for Every Woman. The book shares tips for building wealthy habits and achieving financial security with or without a partner. Patrice draws on his own experience of going over $ 18,000 in debt and overspending. It answers the most common questions related to money management while leaving you a space for reflection. You will get real tips for taking control of your finances with this book.

  2. Our Money Stories: A Six-Week Holistic Financial Wellness Plan Without BS by Eugenié George
    People rarely link their personal history to their health, wealth, relationships, and careers. The book, Our Money Stories, will challenge you to think about how your personal history, your ancestors, and your environment play a role in your financial habits. You’ll also learn about the historical landscape of laws and policies that have affected women of color. It includes 30 interviews with women of color who also share their experiences.

  3. Dump Debt & Build Bank: The Everyday Chick’s Guide to Money by Faneisha Alexander
    If you are struggling with student loan debt, the Dump Debt & Build Bank book is a must-have resource. In this relevant and relevant book, I share my own personal experience of paying off over $ 78,000 in student loan debt in less than three years. You will get my exact steps to get out of debt, increase your income, and build generational wealth. This book is equipped with additional tools and resources that you can access to continue your debt repayment and wealth building journey.

  4. Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom (3rd Edition) by Lynnette Khalfani-Cox
    This book, Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom, is a must read if you have credit card debt. Author Lynnette Khalfani-Cox draws on her personal story of paying off $ 100,000 in credit card debt in three years to provide practical advice. Written as a 31-day guide, it teaches you how to get and avoid consumer debt effectively. It also explores best practices for improving your credit.

  5. Girl, make your money grow! A Sister’s Guide to Protecting Your Future and Enriching Your Life by Glinda Bridgforth
    Learn how to create new sources of income, invest in real estate and build an investment portfolio like a pro with this book, Girl Make Your Money Grow !. Co-authored by Gail Perry-Mason, this book will teach you the steps necessary to create financial security for your future. You will learn how to make a plan for your retirement and how to engage in low risk investments. This book comes with homework assignments, worksheets, and affirmations. You will also read stories from other African American women who have successfully mastered investing.

  6. Teach Your Child to Fish: Five Financial Habits Every Child Should Master By Holly D. Reid
    Holly Reid makes teaching your kids about money easier than ever. Teach Your Child to Fish provides a program designed to “homeschool” your children on the money. She shares Bible principles on managing money and giving to prepare your children for financial success. Your children will learn to choose goal-oriented careers, use credit responsibly, and become savvy consumers.


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