All You Can Books Trends at 100k+ Installs on Mobile App

DALLAS, 10 Feb. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With more than 100,000 installs on the Google All You Can Books app, this e-book subscription service has become a new leader in the e-book industry. The app gives book lovers unlimited, instant access to over 30,000 premium audiobooks, eBooks, foreign language courses, and thousands of podcasts.

The range of genres available in the Apple All You Can Books app is also a contributing factor to its high star rating. Readers are intrigued by titles from broad categories such as Romance, Action/Adventure, Children’s Books, Crime/Mystery, Business, Personal Development, History, Science Fiction and more.

All You Can Books offers a 30-day free trial period, readers can download as many books and podcasts as possible directly to their devices. This way, they can keep all their favorite books even if they decide not to subscribe after the trial period ends. According to All You Can Books ShopperApproved reviews, Teresa V. said: “Signing up was a breeze compared to other apps or sources I’ve tried. So far so good!”

This e-book platform also ensures that the apps are updated daily with new books. Readers can discover new selections, new authors and titles every day. Moreover, the apps are designed to be extremely user-friendly so that readers can browse stress-free. Audiobook lovers can play audio and pause at any time as the app remembers where they left off. Unlike other audiobook apps, readers can choose from five available playback speeds. Users can again create bookmarks to quickly jump to selected points in books and pause or restart an incomplete download.

According to Tywana, one of the many All You Can Books Trustpilot reviewers: “I really appreciate the ease of registration, I like the way the books are categorized and organized. The website is very user friendly. Both beginners and experts can use the website with ease.”

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Company Name: All You Can Books, LLC
Name of the contact: Yuri Mintskovsky
Contact email: [email protected]
Call: (469) 223-7710
Address: 17304 Preston Road, STE 800, Dallas, TX 75252

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