2021 is in the record books: a year of memes, crypto, and all-time records.


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This year has seen many stock market records, memes madness, a surge in IPOs and more.

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2021 has been a grueling year, perhaps even more grueling than 2020. Assessing the economic fallout from newer coronavirus variants – first Delta and now Omicron, a surge in inflation and a wave of memes actions and of cryptocurrency has not been easy for the average investor. And yet, stocks rose, setting numerous records along the way.

The S&P 500 hit its 70th closing record for 2021 on Wednesday, the benchmark’s most record-breaking close in a year since 1995, according to Dow Jones Market Data. For the year, the S&P 500 rose 27%.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a record 45 close this year, while the Nasdaq Composite closed 46 times in 2021.


(ticker: AAPL) posted its 24th closing record of the year on Monday, at $ 180.30. Shares of the iPhone maker gained 34% in 2021. Chip maker


(NVDA) hit a record close of $ 333.76 on November 29, although shares fell back to $ 300.01. Shares of the graphics card powerhouse jumped 125% over the year.

Devon Energy

(DVN), up about 180% in 2021, was the top performer of the S&P 500.

Exchange-traded funds drew $ 900 billion in new money in mid-December, up from $ 500 billion in 2020. A record 450 new ETFs were launched, with the industry reaching $ 7 trillion.


(GME), the original meme stock, climbed to $ 483 in January after users of social media sites like Reddit and Twitter regrouped, stacking in the action to thwart short hedge funds . At $ 148, the shares are still trading at multiples above historic levels and ended 2021 up 688%. Another stock of memes,

AMC Entertainment Holdings

(AMC), climbed to $ 72.62 in June. Shares are now trading at $ 27.20, up 1.183% on the year but below levels last seen in early 2017.

The hub of memes traders, Reddit’s vulgar and irreverent WallStreetBets forum, has grown from around 1.7 million subscribers in January to nearly 11.4 million at last count, according to figures from subredditstats.com. WallStreetBets’ best article of the year – a video from a GameStop action billboard in Times Square – garnered 447,000 net votes on the forum.

With more retail investors engaged than ever thanks to the rise of commission-free trading, the combined trading volumes of the NYSE Composite and the Nasdaq Composite reached 2.36 trillion shares, already breaking the 2 mark. 26 trillion in 2020, according to figures from Dow Jones Market Data.

It’s not just existing stocks that are skyrocketing. Raw Proceeds from the operating companies’ initial public offerings reached $ 118 billion, nearly double the totals for 1999, 2000 and 2020, which were previous records, said IPO expert Jay Ritter. that of Barron.

Ritter’s figure eliminates offer prices below $ 5 and other things like U.S. certificates of deposit, unit offerings, closed-end funds, real estate investment trusts, among other filters. It also separates the IPOs of ad hoc acquisition companies from the IPOs of operating companies.

PSPC’s IPO parade continued, with a record 612 IPOs of $ 162.28 billion in gross revenue, according to data from spacinsider.com. Earlier this year,

Seize the assets

(GRAB) raised $ 4.5 billion at a valuation of $ 37 billion, two records for a SPAC, according to DealLogic.

Cryptocurrencies have become a social media obsession for many, with Bitcoin, Ether, and the crypto meme Dogecoin among those setting record highs earlier in the year. Non-fungible tokens, a sort of blockchain-backed receipt for digital goods, also saw a breakthrough in 2021. A digital artwork by Mike Winkelmann, known professionally as Beeple, sold for 69, $ 3 million at a Christie’s online auction in March.



renamed himself


(FB) to signal aspirations to build the next evolution of the internet, called the metaverse, the term has exploded into the mainstream. According to income call transcripts tracked by Sentieo, the term metaverse was mentioned in 224 calls, up from seven in 2020.

All stock records, the surge in IPOs, crypto, these are just a few of the milestones. And others were much darker: Global cases of Covid-19, for example, hit a daily high of 1.45 million on Monday, records showed.

Still, there is hope, with booster doses of vaccines and the rollout of new treatments. And investors are hanging on, for now.

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