15 of the best eBooks to read on your Kindle or e-reader

Our list of the best eBooks features stories that have all been huge bestsellers in eBook rankings over the past year, downloaded in the thousands (or millions) by e-reader fans around the world.

It’s no surprise that more of us than ever are reading books in e-book form. It’s a great way to devour the latest must read quickly, easily, and without having to venture out into the stores. Just fire up one of the best e-readers and you’re good to go.

But what titles have made us turn (digital) pages recently? The list below of the best eBooks is among the most downloaded of the past 12 months. And while all of the books are great to read as e-books, these in particular have caught the attention of readers who want to consume novels digitally rather than through print books.

From bursting psychological thrillers to relationship dramas – and a list title with links to the pandemic – here are 15 of the best eBooks to add to your digital library, whether you’d rather read on one of the better Kindles or on another device.

The best eBooks to read in 2021