Our offer: High-quality leads for insurance and financial intermediaries

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We are Germany’s leading lead provider for financial and insurance experts.

We have made it our mission to inform the end user on our websites extensively on various financial and insurance issues. To perfect this service, we offer our customers the opportunity to meet with an insurance or financial intermediary. And this is exactly where you come into play. The interested customer is forwarded directly to an intermediary in his environment.

As a consultant, you receive a personal online access from which you control the delivery of leads. You decide how many leads we will deliver to you and from which region the inquiries should come from.

Your advantages

The finanzen.de Guide “Optimal work with leads”:
Working with leads is demanding and requires a high degree of sales talent. Our guide is designed to help you get the most out of your leads. The guideline is based on the many years of experience of such consultants who have specialized in acquiring their new customers through the purchase of leads. Among other things, it contains optimal techniques for the customer approach as well as valuable tips for follow-up of the leads.

You and we work together on a consistently high quality:
It is our most important concern that you are satisfied with our leads. Therefore, we ask our customers to rate each lead, so we have the ability to always control the quality of the consignor and, if necessary, to improve it. In addition, you can independently and with immediate effect influence the quality of the delivered leads by deactivating up to 5 different consignors via your online access.

Two variants of the lead purchase:

Lead campaigns: leads on order

  • You determine division, number and region, we deliver constantly and reliably
  • full control through budgeting and vacation function
  • our lead campaigns are always preferred

Leadbörse with mobile App : Leads always and everywhere

  • You define division and region, we notify you as soon as a lead of this type is available on the stock exchange
  • Immediate purchase or automatic purchase by bid
  • Current leads and details of age and occupational group

Interested and informed customers:
Each customer will be notified immediately after his request which consultant will contact him.

Top-current customer inquiries:
Once the customer has completed one of our forms, we will forward the request directly to you. Anyone who then reports promptly, has the best chance of a successful conclusion.

Ratings and Feedback:
Customers have the opportunity to rate their performance after every consultation. Over time, an appraisal profile develops that you can use to present yourself to your customers. In the profile you can also advertise your qualifications and your consulting philosophy.

Your adviser profile:
You will receive your own profile which potential customers can view at any time. In the profile you can advertise your qualifications and your consulting philosophy.

Free additional services:

  • Holiday setting: If you are going on holiday or just want to take a break, you can easily deactivate your profile via your login area
  • Upon request, you will receive an SMS or fax notification in addition to the mail service upon receipt of the leads
  • Online business card with rating profile that you can also use for your own website or to introduce to new customers

The moneyback system – Free Leads

With the moneyback system, you will receive leads from us free of charge, when customers mediated by us complete and you submit the applications to our partner, Fonds Finanz! more