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Online Loans for Public, State and Private Employees or Retired Persons up to 90 years.

Choose between Personal Loans, Salary Fifth Transfer, Retirement Fifth Transfer, Delegation of Payment and Mortgages. Even in protest and bad payers!


Solve your liquidity problems.



The Personal Loan (also referred to as Consumer Credit ) is a loan that is granted without any obligation to purchase a specific good or service.



The Cession of the Fifth is a subsidized loan reserved only for State Employees, Public and Private or Retired up to 89 years . The only guarantee required is the Pay or Pay !



The Paying Loan is granted to Public, State and Private Employees . Delegation allows you to combine an additional loan to your assignment of the fifth. Find out how to get more liquidity !

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The Mutual Mortgage is defined as the payment of installments is guaranteed by a ‘mortgage on a property. It has a duration ranging from 5 to 30 years and is generally stipulated to buy a house .

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Online Loans


Loan for First Home Purchase

Do you need a loan to buy a house? With our Home Purchase Loans you can finally buy the house of your dreams to raise a family or simply to conquer your independence.

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Loan for Car Purchase

Are you tired of your old car? Would you like a new one but do you think you can not afford it? Ask for our Car Loans, and give yourself the pleasure of buying a new car.

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Loan for Land Purchase

Do you need a loan to buy land? Request a loan to buy land for your farm or buy the cottage in the country you’ve always wanted.


Loan for Holidays

Are you tired of working and looking for a loan for a holiday? Find out how to get cash in order to spend a few days off. Prepare your honeymoon or make the cruise you’ve always wanted to do.


Loan for Marriage

Do you need a loan to get married? Marriage is the culmination of a dream that deserves to be realized. Organize the best day of your life with the Marriage Loan.

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Home Renovation Loan

Do you want to renovate your home? With the Renovation Loan , replace the old electrical and plumbing system, modernize the walls or renovate the floor. Make your apartment new, without moving home.


Loan for Students

Do you want to give your children the opportunity to study, maybe abroad? Student Loans are tailor-made to receive the liquidity necessary to complete the course of study or undertake an educational program.

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Pay a single installment

Do you have a lot of loans in progress and would like to arrange them with a single installment to pay? The Debt Consolidation allows you to accumulate the installments of all loans (including the loan), in one installment, more convenient.

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