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Image result for loan amortization artApplying for a loan with Zaplo is very simple and fast, but there are determining issues that you have to consider before requesting it. One of them is knowing how the loan repayment is carried out in order to know how to repay the borrowed money.

Therefore, below, we explain how the different types of amortization that we offer at Zaplo and what banks or entities we work with work .

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Ways to amortize the loan

We offer you three different ways to make the refund of your requested credit :

  • Card payment

This reimbursement option is very simple and convenient. Since at the time the credit application is made, a card number is provided and the amount of each installment will be charged therefrom . It is a good way to repay the loan because it is done automatically .

In case you want to make any change or management on this form of payment, you just have to contact the customer service (910 606 622).

  • Customer area

On the website itself, by accessing the Zaplo customer area , it is possible to pay the fee before the established date . This option is also very simple, since it only takes a click to carry out the refund .

  • Transfer or deposit into account

When payment card does not work or want to carry out prematurely, it is possible to make a transfer to our bank or making a deposit account at any collaborating institution account. In both cases, we must not forget to attach to the operation the DNI and the loan number . The beneficiary must be 4Finance Spain Financial Services SAU

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Entities and return accounts

In this sense, if you choose to return your credit by transfer or deposit account we leave the account numbers of our collaborating entities so you can do it with comfort:

  • Caja España Duero: ES90 -2108-3323-80-0030000047
  • Banco Santander : ES21-0049-6077-46-2116090821
  • Bankia: ES55-2038-1774-3360-0068-7164
  • Unicaja Bank: ES55-2103-1057-93-0030010345
  • Bankinter: ES27-0128-7704-8201-0006-3632
  • ING Direct: ES33-1465-0110-61-1900446328
  • Kutxabank: ES53-2095-0814-10-9115836480

As you can see, amortizing a Zaplo loan is very simple through any of our options offered .

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