In the internet portal my CosmosDirekt with its unique financial cockpit

Image result for financial cockpit artcustomers can already handle their insurance transactions easily and conveniently on their own. Now Germany’s leading online insurer also supports them in their banking business – with two innovative offers that ensure the highest level of security in online banking: the free app FinanzAssist and the optional FinanzSchutz, an unrivaled policy against all risks in payment transactions.

As Germany’s leading online insurer, CosmosDirekt knows how customers’ financial needs are changing through the Internet. Online banking has become an indispensable part of everyday life for Germans: 71% of Germans are already using their opportunity to do their banking conveniently on their home PC or on the go with their tablet or smartphone. 1 One thing that’s important to users is security. CosmosDirekt consistently complies with this request with the new App FinanzAssist and the optional FinanzSchutz.

“We help people to take their financial security into their own hands. With FinanzAssist and our unique financial protection, we now also support our customers in their banking business “, says Peter Stockhorst, CEO of CosmosDirekt.

Secure online banking – with FinanzAssist

Whether on the PC, on a smartphone or tablet: The free app FinanzAssist offers users an overview of their finances. Not only checking accounts and credit cards, but also depots, savings accounts and savings accounts can be conveniently controlled with the app, transactions such as transfers or standing orders quickly and easily. As a digital household book, the app also presents the user with his receipts or expenses in practical evaluations – also automatically and synchronously on all mobile devices if required. All data is encrypted using the security protocol HTTPS or transferred to secure banking standards. For the high software quality and data security CosmosDirekt received a TÜV test seal. The app is available for the operating systems Android and iOS. By integrating FinanzAssist into the finance cockpit of my CosmosDirekt, customers can view their finances anytime, anywhere and independently manage their banking and insurance transactions online.

Financial protection – the extra security in payment transactions

Additional security – beyond the high technical and organizational standards – is provided by FinanzAssist with the optional financial protection. With this unprecedented policy, customers worldwide are comprehensively protected against financial risks in cashless payment: online and offline. The insurance covers, for example, the misuse of online banking and online shopping, credit and debit cards, direct debits, bank transfer and check cashing and cash withdrawals. FinanzSchutz is also available separately and applies to all existing and future domestic account and card connections of the customer or his co-insured family members.

Thanks to FinanzSchutz, FinanzAssist will become the safest online banking app, as Focus Money has determined in a recent review. 2