How to successfully overcome the financial hardship of the summer? |

You have not forgotten bathing suits, sunscreen or phone charger, but what if you do not have money? We have written some advice for you, which will definitely be worth reading before your holiday. So if you do not want to test the validity of the proverb “no money in the inn” for yourself.

When I can not pay for it, no one!
Losing your credit card is probably the most common financial ploy that you can meet on vacation. Demanding moves, lots of new experiences and brains in relaxation mode. All of this helps to reduce our alertness and before we hope, a payment or credit card is going on. Unsuccessfully, you search for all places where it could be, block it as soon as possible! It’s easy. With mBank, you can solve blocking by calling +420 246 017 777. Any thief can write down the data on the card and re-activate it cheerfully to spend your money so it is better to buy a new card. For this reason, mBank does not enable the card unblocking. Definitely consider insurance card misuse because of its theft or loss. If you report the event within 4 days, it will also pay you for a new card.

We do not collect payment cards
Are you going to a music festival, a campsite, a cottage in a remote village or you want to avoid big tourist resorts abroad? Unfortunately, if you do not lose your credit card, you will not be able to pay it. Therefore, be sure to check out the situation with ATMs before leaving for peace and well-being and, if necessary, select enough cash. On the spot, our mobile apps will be great for you to search for the nearest ATMs. Otherwise, in a romantic campsite by the river, instead of splashes of waves, you could listen to your own grumbling stomach. In addition, with mBank you have withdrawals from ATMs anywhere abroad free of charge, so just choose the last “civilized” place you visit. Everything that can be arranged in advance is recommended to pay online, as you do not pay any extra fees for such payments.

I put my wallet here, so why is not it here?
You may be able to reach the goal without losing the card and you will not even forget to cash. Then, of course, you leave your wallet in the tent, in the cottage or in the hotel room, and go out with your friends and a few pockets in your pocket to indulge in refined snacks. After returning, however, it may surprise you that your wallet did not wait and set off on holiday with someone else. Consider whether it’s safer to carry it all the time, and if you’re in the hotel, check out the safe.

She was so fond of me
Experienced water boats do not surprise our last advice, but every summer a lot of beginners come to the water. We are reminding them again that the wallet should be in a waterproof package and secured so that it does not float in the event of overturning. Even if you want to buy ice cream or something sharper on every meter of Vltava metro, always make sure to return the money back to the barrel or bag. Even if your friends tell you that there is no “click”, because here it is “call” and that you stop the same again again, do not stop cleaning things. We advise you the opposite – always keep the wallet cleaning!