Find cheap term life insurance: financial test checks 40 providers

The Stiftung Warentest has chosen favorable term life insurance for 2017 in a new test. The experts see a clear winner. WirtschaftsWoche also wanted to know which tariffs are characterized by very good performance. One thing both institutions agree on is that a price comparison can save a lot of money. > Günstigste Risikolebensversicherung: Finanztest rät zum Preisvergleich Cheap term life insurance: protection for the family

In the search for a favorable term life insurance interested parties should not waive a price-performance comparison . As a recent test of the financial test (6/2017) shows, there are enormous price differences between the different rates.

The benefits, however, are very similar. This is due to the fact that the two most important factors in term life insurance, the amount of the insured sum and the term, are chosen at the time of the financial statements. Furthermore, only the so-called post-insurance guarantee is important. This allows the insured to adjust the sum insured retrospectively without re-examining the health of certain life events when he is getting married or expecting a baby.

Cheap term life insurance in comparison: These are the test winner 2017

In order to find a favorable term life insurance, the experts of Stiftung Warentest have played through several model cases. The basis of the test is an insurance sum of 250,000 euros and a term of 30 years . Since the profession also plays a role in the contribution calculation, the ranking of the financial test lists results for a government employee and an industrial mechanic. For both, Europe offers the cheapest insurance premium with the E-SRL tariff. They pay therefore only 210 euros or 270 euros annual fee . For comparison: The most expensive provider in the investigation requires from both occupational groups 1,042 euros annually . For smokers, the price range is even between 595 euros and 2,282 euros.

The cheapest providers in 2017 (non-smoker, administrative assistant)

  • Europe – E-SRL and E-RL (standard)
  • HUK24 – RLV Classic
  • DLVAG – L0U (DL)
  • Hannoversche – T1N10 (Classic)
  • WGV – Basis / R1LN12

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These benefits are also important for term life insurance

Europe is not only the cheapest term life insurance in the test. It is also one of the few insurance companies to ask for a medical report from a very high insured sum of four million euros. Otherwise, only the Continentale waives such reinsurance if the protection exceeds several hundred thousand euros.

Insurers also treat the post-insurance guarantee very differently. All providers grant this according to the risk life insurance test at least limited. However, there are very different rules as to when insured persons may adjust the sum insured . Some tariffs also have limitations on the maximum amount of hedge. Here interested people should take a look at the benefits .

WirtschaftsWoche: Ranking sees Community Life at the top of the league

While the Stiftung Warentest has found a favorable term life insurance, looked at the German customer institute on behalf of WirtschaftsWoche for further investigation on services such as the Nachversicherungsgarantie and has included these in the evaluation . In addition, the testers checked the customer service. In the overall result, rankings of the best risk insurances for 30-, 40- and 50-year-olds were compiled. Community Life takes first place for all three age groups. Dialog lands twice in the second and once in third place, while Europe can assert itself once as second and twice as third. The three insurers are the only ones with a very good overall rating .