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How to apply for a quick loan with Zaplo

How to apply for a quick loan with Zaplo

Everyone knows that before, to solve immediate financial problems, people asked their friends or even strangers for a certain amount of money, so they put themselves and others in an awkward position.

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We are happy to inform you that the immediate credit system is constantly improving in our country on a regular basis. Each year there are new microcredit organizations, offering more and more favorable conditions.


Today we are happy to present the new star in the consumer finance market in Spain – the Zaplo company. With the successful experience of home loans in other European countries, as well as with the support of the leading company – Grupo 4Finance, Zaplo has every chance of becoming the leader in the Spanish market.

Zaplo offers loans of very high amounts (300-2500 euros) with a maturity of 3 to 24 months. Without a doubt, not all companies can offer such amounts and a long repayment period.

In addition, Zaplo customers will enjoy the following services:

  • 24 hour access to the personal account, where you can see all transactions with money and the accumulation of commissions;
  • The possibility of deferred payment for a period of up to 30 days;
  • The possibility of increasing the loan amount.

The basic steps to get a quick cash Zaplo :

  • First, you must have a personal bank account (to obtain your loan) and a mobile phone (to pass the identification and receive the notification procedure);
  • Simply do not give a loan, if you are not a citizen or resident of Spain. It is necessary to show your ID or NIE;
  • The time of the request must be 25-70 years of age;
  • In Zaplo, the income statement or endorsement will not be asked, but it must be solvent and provide data on income / expenses, if necessary;
  • If you meet the requirements of the previous paragraphs, you just have to visit the company’s website and fill out the application.

To do this, select the loan amount that interests you and the return period. It should be noted that, immediately, online, you can also see the amount of the future commission.

Next, you will have to enter your personal information and create your account.

The application process usually takes no more than 10 minutes. Then, you will have to wait 15 minutes to 24 hours to find out the resolution.

If the application is approved, the “quick money” will be transferred to your designated bank account within 10 minutes.

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Online Loans for Employees and Retired – DG Prestifin Caltanissetta


Do you need a loan?

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Online Loans for Public, State and Private Employees or Retired Persons up to 90 years.

Choose between Personal Loans, Salary Fifth Transfer, Retirement Fifth Transfer, Delegation of Payment and Mortgages. Even in protest and bad payers!


Solve your liquidity problems.



The Personal Loan (also referred to as Consumer Credit ) is a loan that is granted without any obligation to purchase a specific good or service.



The Cession of the Fifth is a subsidized loan reserved only for State Employees, Public and Private or Retired up to 89 years . The only guarantee required is the Pay or Pay !



The Paying Loan is granted to Public, State and Private Employees . Delegation allows you to combine an additional loan to your assignment of the fifth. Find out how to get more liquidity !

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The Mutual Mortgage is defined as the payment of installments is guaranteed by a ‘mortgage on a property. It has a duration ranging from 5 to 30 years and is generally stipulated to buy a house .

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Loan for First Home Purchase

Do you need a loan to buy a house? With our Home Purchase Loans you can finally buy the house of your dreams to raise a family or simply to conquer your independence.

finanziamento acquisto auto

Loan for Car Purchase

Are you tired of your old car? Would you like a new one but do you think you can not afford it? Ask for our Car Loans, and give yourself the pleasure of buying a new car.

prestito acquisto terreno

Loan for Land Purchase

Do you need a loan to buy land? Request a loan to buy land for your farm or buy the cottage in the country you’ve always wanted.


Loan for Holidays

Are you tired of working and looking for a loan for a holiday? Find out how to get cash in order to spend a few days off. Prepare your honeymoon or make the cruise you’ve always wanted to do.


Loan for Marriage

Do you need a loan to get married? Marriage is the culmination of a dream that deserves to be realized. Organize the best day of your life with the Marriage Loan.

prestito per ristrutturare casa

Home Renovation Loan

Do you want to renovate your home? With the Renovation Loan , replace the old electrical and plumbing system, modernize the walls or renovate the floor. Make your apartment new, without moving home.


Loan for Students

Do you want to give your children the opportunity to study, maybe abroad? Student Loans are tailor-made to receive the liquidity necessary to complete the course of study or undertake an educational program.

rata unica

Pay a single installment

Do you have a lot of loans in progress and would like to arrange them with a single installment to pay? The Debt Consolidation allows you to accumulate the installments of all loans (including the loan), in one installment, more convenient.

The Best Online Loans. Request your quote, it’s FREE!



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Monetary Freedom: Bernanke’s Reason for Paying Banks Not to Make Loans

Bernanke’s Reason for Paying Banks Not to Make Loans

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I was reading Steven Williamson’s opinion on Bernanke’s recent Jackson Hole speech. In it, he said that the only way the Fed can implement policy is by manipulating the interest rate paid on reserves. Williamson then said that Bernanke’s speech last year explained why that wouldn’t happen.
It is really pretty shocking.
Moreover, such an action could disrupt some key financial markets and institutions. Importantly for the Fed’s purposes, a further reduction in very short-term interest rates could lead short-term money markets such as the federal funds market to become much less liquid, as near-zero returns might induce many participants and market-makers to exit. In normal times the Fed relies heavily on a well-functioning federal funds market to implement monetary policy, so we would want to be careful not to do permanent damage to that market.
So, the reason for interest on reserves is to allow brokers on the Federal Funds market to make money and stay in business. The Fed’s excuse for keeping these folks in business is to make sure that they are there to help to Fed use its preferred operating procedure after economic conditions return to the way they were in the past.
The Fed wants to do things in familiar ways, and so it is making sure that there is plenty of business for certain money market brokers on Wall Street.
In my view, if banks don’t want to do as much interbank lending and borrowing, then brokers in that market should shift to doing other sorts of money market transactions. And then, if interbank lending markets pick back up, then they should shift back. The Fed shouldn’t try to keep interest rates up to protect their friends.
If the Fed believes that federal funds are not liquid enough for the federal funds rate to mean much, then the Fed should quit using the federal funds rate as a target.
Or, of course, it could give up on interest rate targeting.


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Helau and Alaaf: These insurances protect fools from the financial Ash Wednesday

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“We play cowboys and Indians!” – If you want to be different someday, you have the opportunity in the fifth season. In 2016, the “Jecken” mix up the carnival strongholds along the Rhine. While just under one in three in Germany likes the carnival time (30 percent), in the regions around Dusseldorf, Cologne and Mainz it is even close to 40 percent. This was the result of a representative forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt. 1 Whether Narrenkönig or carnival muffle: The best way to prepare all the time to the “crazy days” ago. As party people make sure that only beautiful memories of the party marathon and what insurance in the event of a fall, explains CosmosDirekt insurance expert Bernd Kaiser.

Train free for the Jecken!
Residents of the streets where the removals take place should park their car at a safe distance. “Who avoids the place of the action when parking protects the sheet from scratches or bumps,” said Bernd Kaiser, insurance expert at CosmosDirekt. “If the car but damage caused, usually comes the liability insurance of the causer on.” But what if the culprit is not found or long over all mountains? In this case, the comprehensive insurance covers the damage to your own vehicle.

Schnipp, snap, tie off
It is true that Carnival friends are allowed to slip into the role of another between Women’s Carnival and Ash Wednesday. However, if a mishap happens, it is best to drop the mask. Because the private liability insurance pays, if something breaks. However, only if the causer has not acted deliberately: Fools, for example, on the Carnival Thursday with scissors on ties go off, can not rely on insurance. The textile crime can be so expensive – especially if the tie of the “victim” in retrospect turns out to be a designer piece.

Carelessly sway – even at home
If you open your own four walls for a joke, then you should plan like all other parties. Safely store valuables such as notebooks, tablets, jewelery or money in cupboards and then open the fool’s nest to the fool’s nest. The reason: “The insurance only provides a proven burglary theft. If a party guest steals objects, there is no insurance cover, “says Bernd Kaiser. If, despite all precautionary measures, an insured event occurs, it is advantageous for the regulator to be able to show owners photos and invoices of the stolen objects.

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Our offer: High-quality leads for insurance and financial intermediaries

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We are Germany’s leading lead provider for financial and insurance experts.

We have made it our mission to inform the end user on our websites extensively on various financial and insurance issues. To perfect this service, we offer our customers the opportunity to meet with an insurance or financial intermediary. And this is exactly where you come into play. The interested customer is forwarded directly to an intermediary in his environment.

As a consultant, you receive a personal online access from which you control the delivery of leads. You decide how many leads we will deliver to you and from which region the inquiries should come from.

Your advantages

The Guide “Optimal work with leads”:
Working with leads is demanding and requires a high degree of sales talent. Our guide is designed to help you get the most out of your leads. The guideline is based on the many years of experience of such consultants who have specialized in acquiring their new customers through the purchase of leads. Among other things, it contains optimal techniques for the customer approach as well as valuable tips for follow-up of the leads.

You and we work together on a consistently high quality:
It is our most important concern that you are satisfied with our leads. Therefore, we ask our customers to rate each lead, so we have the ability to always control the quality of the consignor and, if necessary, to improve it. In addition, you can independently and with immediate effect influence the quality of the delivered leads by deactivating up to 5 different consignors via your online access.

Two variants of the lead purchase:

Lead campaigns: leads on order

  • You determine division, number and region, we deliver constantly and reliably
  • full control through budgeting and vacation function
  • our lead campaigns are always preferred

Leadbörse with mobile App : Leads always and everywhere

  • You define division and region, we notify you as soon as a lead of this type is available on the stock exchange
  • Immediate purchase or automatic purchase by bid
  • Current leads and details of age and occupational group

Interested and informed customers:
Each customer will be notified immediately after his request which consultant will contact him.

Top-current customer inquiries:
Once the customer has completed one of our forms, we will forward the request directly to you. Anyone who then reports promptly, has the best chance of a successful conclusion.

Ratings and Feedback:
Customers have the opportunity to rate their performance after every consultation. Over time, an appraisal profile develops that you can use to present yourself to your customers. In the profile you can also advertise your qualifications and your consulting philosophy.

Your adviser profile:
You will receive your own profile which potential customers can view at any time. In the profile you can advertise your qualifications and your consulting philosophy.

Free additional services:

  • Holiday setting: If you are going on holiday or just want to take a break, you can easily deactivate your profile via your login area
  • Upon request, you will receive an SMS or fax notification in addition to the mail service upon receipt of the leads
  • Online business card with rating profile that you can also use for your own website or to introduce to new customers

The moneyback system – Free Leads

With the moneyback system, you will receive leads from us free of charge, when customers mediated by us complete and you submit the applications to our partner, Fonds Finanz! more

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What is Vivus? Learn about our financial history

what is vivus

What is Vivus? Learn about our financial history

What is Vivus? What does it offer? What are your corporate values? There are still people who wonder who we are, what we do and where we come from. Well, we’ll explain it to you.

Let’s start with the What is Vivus? Well, Vivus is a specialized financing entity through quick loans. Currently, it is one of the most important and popular nationwide. The company began operating in Spain in 2013 and is part of the 4finance Group , one of the most important microcredit companies worldwide, with a presence in 16 countries .

What does Vivus offer?

The company specializes in microloans , up to € 300 if you are a new customer and up to € 1,000 for former customers, which must be repaid within a maximum period of 30 days , although the client can extend the repayment term of your loan.

They are loans designed to meet specific and urgent economic needs . For example, make a repair in the car or the washing machine.

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The principles of action of the company

The priority of Vivus is to achieve the satisfaction of its customers , solving the problems of urgent need for liquidity and doing it in a simple and fast way .

Transparency is another of the fundamental pillars of the company. At no time are interests hidden. The client knows from the beginning what he will have to pay for the loan granted, without small print or any hidden cost.

Credit responsibility is another of Vivus’ most important business principles, urging customers to only ask for a quick credit if it is truly their last alternative to get the financing they need.

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How does Vivus work?

The operation is really simple since all the procedures can be done online through its website .

To apply for your quick credit , all you have to do is fill out a form indicating the amount you need and the return period . In a few minutes you confirm the concession or not of it and you transfer the money to the account.

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The advantages of Vivus

This system of quick microloans means that all procedures are both simple and quick , avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy. Anyone over 21 and under 75 can make the request from anywhere in Spain , all you need is an Internet connection , you can make the request any day of the week and at any time.

The processing of personal data is done with maximum security and guaranteeing confidentiality at all times.

By means of a simple registry, in less than 5 minutes the operation can be completed, and the client knows if the microloan is granted or not. In case of being granted the loan, the money will be in your account in less than 15 minutes.

Has it been clear to you what Vivus is and what we do? Do not hesitate to ask us all your questions. We await your comments!

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What variables does BBVA Bconomy have in mind in order to calculate your financial health?

What variables does BBVA Bconomy have in mind in order to calculate your financial health?

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Learn how BBVA Bconomy can calculate your level of financial health

BBVA Bconomy helps you set a saving goal and get it More information

The fact of having a financial cushion in the face of unforeseen events or of meeting your savings objectives can help you live with greater peace of mind. BBVA Bconomy is the new tool developed by BBVA that offers its clients the possibility of having control over their expenses and income in order to improve their savings capacity. For this, the main objective of BBVA Bconomy is to calculate your financial health , or, rather, provide you with the necessary information so you can discover where you could be spending more than normal and in what aspects you could improve.

The four variables that are taken into account in the calculation of your result are: your ability to save monthly, your financial freedom , your rate of effort in paying for housing and your rate of effort in paying your financing and loans . These four variables take into account your income, your savings and your expenses according to the information of your positions in BBVA.

To know better the operation of this calculation, in this article we explain what each variable means and how they are used. Use BBVA Bconomy to calculate your level of financial health!


1. Monthly savings capacity

What you save every month has a big impact on your financial health, however little. These small savings efforts are those that can allow you to gradually build a financial cushion to deal with unforeseen events. Therefore, BBVA Bconomy calculates your savings capacity as one of its main variables.

The monthly savings capacity of a person is calculated by subtracting monthly expenses from monthly income . In order to set standards that constitute a situation considered appropriate for financial health, it is considered that a saving of at least 20% of monthly income per person is the optimal measure of this variable. This percentage is part of what is known as the 50/20/30 rule, popularized by American Senator Elizabeth Warren, in the 2005 book “All your worth.”

For example, if a person has € 1,200 of income per month and € 900 of expenses, their monthly savings capacity will be 25%, a situation that would be considered sufficient to create a mattress, according to the reference parameters.

2. Financial freedom

Financial freedom is the second of the variables included in the calculation of your score in BBVA Bconomy. In a simple way, financial freedom is a measure that can allow you to know how many months you could live without income maintaining the same level of expenses.

To calculate financial freedom, the total balance of the account at the time of calculation and other savings that can be had in investment products, such as funds, deposits, securities accounts, etc., are taken into account.

Having a good financial freedom can allow greater peace of mind in the face of unforeseen events . To cope with your expenses in the event that you stopped having income, most financial planners, like Dave Ramsey (in the book “The Finantial Peace Planner”) or Suze Orman (in “The Road to Wealth”, among other works) considers that the optimal financial freedom would be at least six months.

3. Rate of effort in paying the house

The third of the variables used in BBVA Bconomy is the effort rate to pay for housing, be it mortgage or rent. In order to have good financial health, a person should not allocate more than 40% of their income to the payment of the mortgage or rent, according to Fannie Mae, which is how the National Federal Mortgage Association in the United States is popularly known.

Continuing with the example of the € 1,200 monthly, if this same person has a rent of € 540 per month, this means that he will be allocating 45% of his income to pay for housing. Therefore, this would be a percentage that is estimated above the recommended limit.

With BBVA Bconomy you can compare your expenses and create your financial cushion: find out now

4. Rate of effort in paying financing and loans

The last parameter used to calculate your financial health is the rate of effort you make to pay monthly debts other than those indicated in the previous variable. These debts can include obligations as different as credits, loans, receipts or financed purchases of cards or other concepts. In order to have good financial health, it is recommended not to allocate more than 35% of the income to pay debts. Recommended ratio, in the book “Practicing Financial Planning: For Professionals and CFP Aspirants”, written by two professors of economics at the University of Michigan.

To end the relationship with our example of € 1,200, if this person is returning a loan for studies for which he pays € 240 per month, his rate of effort to pay the debt will be 20%. In this case, therefore, it would be below the recommended maximum.

How variables become a result

Once BBVA Bconomy has all the data that we have explained, the tool converts the results obtained in a number between 0 and 25 , with 25 being the maximum score per variable. When in a specific variable of the four the percentage standards are met, we recommend, and even improve, that variable obtains a score of 25. Once the qualifications of all the variables are estimated, these are summed, resulting in a score of 0 to 100

BBVA Bconomy: learn to save and control your expenses

Having all this information can be a great help to start saving more . BBVA Bconomy can provide you with recommendations so you can improve your financial health.

Now that you know how BBVA Bconomy calculates your level of financial health. We encourage you to observe your level of savings and learn to control your expenses. BBVA Bconomy provides you with the necessary tools to help you meet your savings goals and objectives.


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Find cheap term life insurance: financial test checks 40 providers

The Stiftung Warentest has chosen favorable term life insurance for 2017 in a new test. The experts see a clear winner. WirtschaftsWoche also wanted to know which tariffs are characterized by very good performance. One thing both institutions agree on is that a price comparison can save a lot of money. > Günstigste Risikolebensversicherung: Finanztest rät zum Preisvergleich Cheap term life insurance: protection for the family

In the search for a favorable term life insurance interested parties should not waive a price-performance comparison . As a recent test of the financial test (6/2017) shows, there are enormous price differences between the different rates.

The benefits, however, are very similar. This is due to the fact that the two most important factors in term life insurance, the amount of the insured sum and the term, are chosen at the time of the financial statements. Furthermore, only the so-called post-insurance guarantee is important. This allows the insured to adjust the sum insured retrospectively without re-examining the health of certain life events when he is getting married or expecting a baby.

Cheap term life insurance in comparison: These are the test winner 2017

In order to find a favorable term life insurance, the experts of Stiftung Warentest have played through several model cases. The basis of the test is an insurance sum of 250,000 euros and a term of 30 years . Since the profession also plays a role in the contribution calculation, the ranking of the financial test lists results for a government employee and an industrial mechanic. For both, Europe offers the cheapest insurance premium with the E-SRL tariff. They pay therefore only 210 euros or 270 euros annual fee . For comparison: The most expensive provider in the investigation requires from both occupational groups 1,042 euros annually . For smokers, the price range is even between 595 euros and 2,282 euros.

The cheapest providers in 2017 (non-smoker, administrative assistant)

  • Europe – E-SRL and E-RL (standard)
  • HUK24 – RLV Classic
  • DLVAG – L0U (DL)
  • Hannoversche – T1N10 (Classic)
  • WGV – Basis / R1LN12

Service: You want to secure your family financially? Take advantage of the comparison calculator for term life insurance and find the best deal at a low price from a variety of hedging options.

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Our service for you

Arrange a favorable term insurance for your loved ones now.

Request a quote

These benefits are also important for term life insurance

Europe is not only the cheapest term life insurance in the test. It is also one of the few insurance companies to ask for a medical report from a very high insured sum of four million euros. Otherwise, only the Continentale waives such reinsurance if the protection exceeds several hundred thousand euros.

Insurers also treat the post-insurance guarantee very differently. All providers grant this according to the risk life insurance test at least limited. However, there are very different rules as to when insured persons may adjust the sum insured . Some tariffs also have limitations on the maximum amount of hedge. Here interested people should take a look at the benefits .

WirtschaftsWoche: Ranking sees Community Life at the top of the league

While the Stiftung Warentest has found a favorable term life insurance, looked at the German customer institute on behalf of WirtschaftsWoche for further investigation on services such as the Nachversicherungsgarantie and has included these in the evaluation . In addition, the testers checked the customer service. In the overall result, rankings of the best risk insurances for 30-, 40- and 50-year-olds were compiled. Community Life takes first place for all three age groups. Dialog lands twice in the second and once in third place, while Europe can assert itself once as second and twice as third. The three insurers are the only ones with a very good overall rating .


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How to successfully overcome the financial hardship of the summer? |

You have not forgotten bathing suits, sunscreen or phone charger, but what if you do not have money? We have written some advice for you, which will definitely be worth reading before your holiday. So if you do not want to test the validity of the proverb “no money in the inn” for yourself.

When I can not pay for it, no one!
Losing your credit card is probably the most common financial ploy that you can meet on vacation. Demanding moves, lots of new experiences and brains in relaxation mode. All of this helps to reduce our alertness and before we hope, a payment or credit card is going on. Unsuccessfully, you search for all places where it could be, block it as soon as possible! It’s easy. With mBank, you can solve blocking by calling +420 246 017 777. Any thief can write down the data on the card and re-activate it cheerfully to spend your money so it is better to buy a new card. For this reason, mBank does not enable the card unblocking. Definitely consider insurance card misuse because of its theft or loss. If you report the event within 4 days, it will also pay you for a new card.

We do not collect payment cards
Are you going to a music festival, a campsite, a cottage in a remote village or you want to avoid big tourist resorts abroad? Unfortunately, if you do not lose your credit card, you will not be able to pay it. Therefore, be sure to check out the situation with ATMs before leaving for peace and well-being and, if necessary, select enough cash. On the spot, our mobile apps will be great for you to search for the nearest ATMs. Otherwise, in a romantic campsite by the river, instead of splashes of waves, you could listen to your own grumbling stomach. In addition, with mBank you have withdrawals from ATMs anywhere abroad free of charge, so just choose the last “civilized” place you visit. Everything that can be arranged in advance is recommended to pay online, as you do not pay any extra fees for such payments.

I put my wallet here, so why is not it here?
You may be able to reach the goal without losing the card and you will not even forget to cash. Then, of course, you leave your wallet in the tent, in the cottage or in the hotel room, and go out with your friends and a few pockets in your pocket to indulge in refined snacks. After returning, however, it may surprise you that your wallet did not wait and set off on holiday with someone else. Consider whether it’s safer to carry it all the time, and if you’re in the hotel, check out the safe.

She was so fond of me
Experienced water boats do not surprise our last advice, but every summer a lot of beginners come to the water. We are reminding them again that the wallet should be in a waterproof package and secured so that it does not float in the event of overturning. Even if you want to buy ice cream or something sharper on every meter of Vltava metro, always make sure to return the money back to the barrel or bag. Even if your friends tell you that there is no “click”, because here it is “call” and that you stop the same again again, do not stop cleaning things. We advise you the opposite – always keep the wallet cleaning!

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Financial tips for career starters

Image result for financial tips for startersWhen thousands of young people start their new jobs on the first of August, many challenges await them. The temptation to spend the first self-earned money directly is great. But if you want to take your own life into your own hands, you have to take responsibility early on – also in terms of finances. CosmosDirekt shows how.

The start of the job not only brings with it independence and financial freedom, but also new obligations: the state requires taxes, the caretaker rent, and the first home would also like to be set up. It is important to have a good grip on the finances. There is no way around saving and insuring. But especially with this topic, many young people lack the perspective. Thus, only 18 percent of under-24s feel adequately informed about their financial future. Two-thirds of respondents do not know what would be suitable for them. This was the result of a representative survey by the University of St. Gallen commissioned by CosmosDirekt. Silke Barth, the insurer’s financial expert, explains what career starters should look out for.

Tip 1: Secure grants from the employer.

Whether car or apartment: If at some point major purchases are planned, it means saving. Many employers help, often there is a monthly subsidy – for example, to fund savings plans or Bauspar contracts. In addition, still beckons a legal subsidy. “Job starters should not give up the gift from the boss and inform themselves about the exact rules in their company. However, some companies make the grants subject to certain conditions, such as a minimum length of service, “said Barth.

Tip 2: Protect Against Job-Off.

If life does not go according to plan and you can no longer practice your job for health reasons, financial security is important. A fate that affects around one in four employees. Without a job, finances quickly get out of balance. An occupational disability insurance ensures the livelihood of a job, whether due to accident or illness. “Protection is extremely important, especially for new entrants, since they are not entitled to the state disability pension in the first five years of their employment, which is already very low,” says Barth. “Many insurers offer special starter rates for young professionals that are adapted to the special needs of young people.” The expert advises job beginners to ensure that disability insurance includes a reinsurance guarantee. Then they could later, for example, after marriage or the first child, the agreed pension without renewed health examination increase.

Tip 3: Do not give away any interest while saving.

The next vacation or a new mobile phone: In order to ensure that extra expenses do not strain the budget, career starters should set money aside in good time. “Even with small monthly amounts can create a financial cushion. That creates security and the freedom to afford something, “says Barth. In times when even the near future is less and less predictable, career starters remain flexible with such a reserve. But: “Who leaves the money in the checking account or passbook, gives away interest.” More yield provide money market accounts, where investors at any time without loss of money can dispose. Another alternative is high-return and flexible investment options such as the CosmosDirekt Flexible Provisioning Plan. “Flexible investments make it possible to save money for the future without having to commit to long-term contracts,” explains Barth. Depending on the current life situation savers can increase, reduce or even suspend deposits. If you need money at short notice, you can access the credit for free each month. The guaranteed interest rate gradually increases from 1.5 to 3.5 percent in the first five years. Later, the deposited amounts can be easily converted into a long-term retirement plan.

Tip 4: Without private liability insurance is not.

An insurance that everyone should have is the private liability insurance. Because who inflicts damage to third parties, it must stand with his entire fortune straight – for a lifetime. Even a small carelessness can cause immense damage and threaten the financial existence. The private liability catches the costs. “At the latest after completing the training, the protection ends with the personal liability insurance of the parents. Even if young people get married, start their second education or start their careers, they are no longer insured. Career starters should therefore examine carefully whether and for how long they are still protected by the parental contract, “says Barth.

Checklist for career starters

  • Capital-efficient services used?
  • Secured against occupational disability?
  • Financial cushion created?
  • Informed about retirement?
  • Private liability insurance completed?
  • Household insurance needed?
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  • Insurance Tip 2011 08 02 Info Table 74 KB