10 tips to financially survive the beginning of the school year mBank.cz

The beginning of the school year usually makes a good wind in the parents’ wallet. How to reduce the costs associated with the admissions of puppies to school benches? We have written ten practical and simple tips for you.

Shop in advance or wait
Immediately before and just after the beginning of the school year, traders are pricing up. It is best to buy school bags, pencils, notebooks and other aids either at the beginning of the holidays (which you can not do now) or wait until September’s shopping hysteria disappears and the prices go down.

Compare prices
Fortunately, Internet offers a quick comparison of prices. The same school backpack with Spider-Man will have several e-shops in stock. You only choose the cheapest.

Try online auctions and bazaars

In the Blue Horse or Mimibazar discussion forums, you will find plenty of used and up-to-date school supplies that can help your children and save you money.

Wait for what kids really need

Wait for the kids to come out of school with a list of things really needed. If you buy a large amount of school supplies in advance, it may happen that children need a quarter and they will not need it at all, and you will spend money unnecessarily.

Check with friends who have older children
While the quarterback may be excited about the Batman penalty, the bandman may say that Batman is for the sake and definitely does not want to be embarrassed with him at school. If you have a known someone who has an older schoolboy than yours, ask if he has any similar “embarrassing” school aids that yours would use.

Beware of wannabe packages of school supplies

At first glance, a great offer – a large package of crayons, fixes, blocks, boards and notebooks at a great price. Traders, however, also include similar things in school packages that the schoolgirl will never use, and you will buy them completely unnecessarily.

Make yourself at home for quality
Get your children a good quality school bag that lasts them for several years, rather than a cheaper little bag that falls apart in a couple of months, the kids will hurt her back, and eventually run into the new store.

Do not get bored with children or advertising

As a reasonable adult you have the last word in your choice of school supplies. Do not let your children know that they need exactly this expensive baby slipper because they just do not go to school. Do not let yourself be advertised, but rather buy it for common sense or expert advice.

Textbooks from the antiquarian bookshop

Textbooks may not always be brand new, but you can look at them in stone or internet antiquarian books. If you have used textbooks from last year’s school year, you can try to sell them.

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